Monday, May 29, 2017

responsibility-to spread the truth

Greek orthodox are doing their best through out the years to translate what it is possible to be translated (although there are ton of books which simply cant be translated because english language is so poor and if they would be translated in English it would not be helpful for English speaking people to understand, while the ancient greek / greek language is the best possible language to give the exact 100% meaning of anything you want) so that more and more people start learning about orthodox (hopefully). So it's not true when the title says "Best kept secret". It's just that people ignore the religion topic and they believe what they want to believe. Who really want to learn the true faith God will allow him to learn it one way or another..who does not care to learn it then it's his/her responsibility.

Let's hope it will keep spreading and let's hope who wants to find the truth God may allow him to find it. Peace to all orthodox brothers.

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