Friday, December 4, 2020


 The claim that Christians will escape the Great Tribulation because they will grab before the advent of the Antichrist is also not supported by the Bible. The truth is that Christians will go through the Great Tribulation and the period of Antichrist domination. This is clearly stated by the Bible


Orthodoxy is the one who keeps the gospel of God irrevocably and you must embrace it and follow it, if you truly love and love me.


Antichrist evil spirit nowadays, knowing that the final time for Antichrist and his devils is near, he is doing everything possible to deceive, by many manifestations, the Aiming Virgin Mary and the Saints of God

Thursday, December 3, 2020

New world order plans for humanity

 Mit Hilfe der Angst ist es einfacher, die meisten Menschen auf der Erde zu manipulieren, und es wird für Sie einfacher sein, den 666-Chip einzusetzen, es wird für sie einfacher zu impfen sein, es wird einfacher sein, ohne Anstrengung zu manipulieren.  Korkunun Yardımı ile yeryüzündeki insanların çoğunu manipüle etmek daha kolay ve 666 çipi koymanız daha kolay olacak, aşılamaları daha kolay, hiç çaba harcamadan manipüle etmek daha kolay.

 666 ت م يك ل من

Οι άνθρωποι που κυβερνούν αυτόν τον κόσμο αποφάσισαν ότι είμαστε πάρα πολλοί από εμάς και τα σχέδιά τους είναι να εξαλείψουν την πλειοψηφία των ανθρώπων στη γη. Γι 'αυτό το λόγο ανακάλυψαν πολλούς διαφορετικούς τρόπους για να το κάνουν αυτό. Όσο περισσότερο είστε σε εγρήγορση, τόσο περισσότερο μπορείτε να καταστρέψετε τα σχέδιά τους. Η χρήση του φόβου μπορεί να χειριστεί ευκολότερα την πλειονότητα των ανθρώπων στη γη και μπορεί να σας βάλει ένα τσιπ 666 πιο εύκολα. Μπορούν να εμβολιαστούν πιο εύκολα, Χειρισμός χωρίς καμία προσπάθεια

С помощью страха легче манипулировать большинством людей на земле, и вам будет легче поставить чип 666, им будет легче вакцинироваться, манипулировать без каких-либо усилий. Korkunun yardımı ile yeryüzündeki insanların çoğunu manipüle etmek daha kolay ve 666 çipi koymanız daha kolay olacak, aşılamaları daha kolay, hiç çaba harcamadan manipüle etmek daha kolay.
بمساعدة الخوف ، من الأسهل التلاعب بمعظم الناس على وجه

Friday, November 27, 2020

Dreams and visions

 It is not easy to distinguish most of the time whether dreams or visions come from God, from demonic energy or are simply natural events.

  This is why special care is required to accept them or not, something that most of our teaching and ascetic teachers have pointed out to us.

  Thus, according to these fathers, the dream, the vision and the miracle still do not appear clearly before us, but their interpretation and evaluation are not done by themselves, but depend on our own circumstances: depending on the degree  We also have the evaluation of the above phenomena.  This means that the interpretation we give may be the reason for the progress or setback in our spiritual life, as the interpretation will be colored by the content of our heart.  Thus, it is not sometimes that a vision, for example, is considered to come from God, when in fact it is a demonic inspiration, rather than the other way around.  The first reason for these issues, therefore, is, as we have said, the virtue of distinguishing it.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

How i became orthodox

 How I became orthodox

  Orthodoxy is the only true religion!


  Student functions so-called "Christian technical services" multicolored distinctions in Christianity.

  Catholicism approach and residence for doga (metaphorical, change according to the idea).

  I quote Orthodoxy clean and unchanged from the 7 ecumenical councils at the dawn of Christianity.

  The Catholics left us, and after children, the protesters separate from and moved away from the true essence of Christianity and then the Anglicans, Pentecostals, Baptists, etc .... .The universal is the appearance of markets all year heresies.

  Dissolution ...

  "They overcame"

  1) The fall of Satan

  2) The fall of Adam

  3) The fall of the first Pope in 1054!


  But the Truth is only one, and is found in the only Church founded by the 12 apostols.

  The Orthodox Church.

  Orthodox = The Right Faith

  Ortho = Right, Unchanged

  Dox = Dogma, Faith

  All the thousands of so-called Christian churches that begin with Catholicism have lost their Apostolic origin.

  They are cursed, because they changed their faith.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

γιαγιά, η Κυριακή-and what mother of God told her recently

if the people regret for their sins,God my son will take his wrath away,and he will save all us,After 10 days i see the mother of God again,she says to me,KIRIAKI,These people don't regret for their sins.its like the time of Noah.You must know,NEITHER MASKS OR VACCINES WILL SAVE THEM.As long people stay away from repentance

Monday, November 23, 2020

The Masons

 Lucifer, the Light-bearer! Strange and mysterious name to give to the Spirit of Darkness! Lucifer, the Son of the Morning! Is it he who bears the Light, and with its splendors intolerable, blinds feeble, sensual, or selfish souls? Doubt it not! Masons from the first initiation which is the first degree are urged to mightily "seek the Light!" The average Mason is continually saying that he is "seeking the Light," and will spend his entire life "moving toward the Light." People who haven't studied this subject would assume that this "Light" is the revelation of the God of the Bible. This statement is continuously held up to try to convince us that Masonry is Christian. , Albert Pike is saying that Lucifer is the One who bears the Light of Freemasonry. The sentence immediately preceding confirms not only that that Lucifer is the Light-bearer, but that Masons of previous degrees have been led to believe that the opposite was true.

The Masons now believe in their own impersonal God who called M.A.T.S., that Great Architect of the Universe. The galleries will not be a semi cross or image of Christ. The Son and Word of God, your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, these are for one simple secret, much like Pythagoras, Buddha and others. 

The Scottish Masonic doctrine created in 1804 includes 3 initiations and 33 degrees. The third degree is a ceremony around the murderous death of Master Hiram and search for relics. Indeed the Old Testament speaks of a Hiram of Tyre who was invited by King Solomon to help build the Temple in Jerusalem. The only outside but on the murder, recover the relics, etc. is totally imaginary and mythical. 

The Masonry, as it is known today, is not simple charity and philosophical organization, as its advocates claim. It is a yperthriskeia with syncretistic nature. Is that the teachers' evidence of idolatry and mystic Jews and Christians. Masons believe that they are a global fraternity. Brother call each one belonging to them, be it Muslim or Buddhist or whatever, while the non-Masons call it sacrilegious, even if he is Christian. 

The Masonry is a religion and is based mainly on the ancient pagan mysteries. Temple has to call it arcade, where there are various ceremonies: Adoption lykideos (something similar to Christian baptism), marriage, memorial and more. They have degrees officials yielding their ceremonies, dressed in special uniforms, such as the Venerable, the Reverend, the Master, the Grand Master, supervisors. Using different symbols. Somewhere it seems the Bible, but not like we mean we Christians, but as a mere symbol. In the mysterious rituals using human skeleton and to some extent require the myoumeno in Masonry to drink wine in the skull that have made it look like Cup. 

A Mason is not obligated to change his faith. A Christian can still be a Christian and a Muslim be a Muslim, along with the Masonic capacity. 

But the question is born. Allowed Christian to be both a Mason; 

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Most of the phenomenal

 Most of the phenomena that accompany the appearance of UFOs or contact with aliens, are in a form similar to spiritualism and magic. What is very interesting are the names of many aliens that resemble the names of many demonic deities worshiped in antiquity, or that  are known to the experienced the magic invocations of demons.  For example, there is the case of a woman who recently mentioned the appearance of a UFO, and who said that after that, since presented with goat legs, bright eyes and pointed ears a classic pagan god (the god Pan in ancient Greek religion  )!  Two famous "aliens" who have appeared to many people are non-polar and triggers, respectively, probably the names of Apollyon and Astarte, demonic deities are mentioned in the Bible - The Devil taking advantage of the confusion of times, and the indifference of the Christian to  his psychic salvation, he works feverishly to use the work of the Orthodox Church = Rev 12: 7 And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon;  and the dragon fought and his angels, Rev 12: 9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast  out with him.  The aliens of our time match the demons and fallen angels mentioned in the Bible in terms of their behavior.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Γ Σωφρόνιος Ομολογία δαίμονα περί τριαδικού Θεού

Last year a father came to me,With his child-girl,His girl was doing All things normal as it concerns religion.She was confessing her sins,Going to church,Taking the holy communion often,and all the rest,but she was possessed by a demon.Now here is a big question that people do,Why?God's will unknowingly to us.Her father says to me i took my daughter everywere,to expel this demon out of her.this demon is very powerfull.he has done my house a mess.i am desperate i took her to all miracles places,and nothing happend ,there was no cure for her.After he told me that,i get up and i go to her doing the sign of cross to her,doing olso a prayer for her.After this she turns tome her face opening her mouth completly,And she talks to me saying,Listen in am the i am the general of hell!!! The holy spirit ordered me to go into this girl.And you cannot forced me to go out,no way no matter how many prayers you do or anything else,unless the father the son and the holy spirit command again to leave her.Iwant to leave but i cant,she is panishing me more than being in hell.i was shocked after hearing this.Iask the girl girl what are you just said?What did i say? i didnt say enything to you the girl says to me.the demon was talking throu her

Monday, November 9, 2020

Airplane helios crash

One night without doing any special prayer i saw in my dream one litlle girl,She said to me,do you know me?No my love who are you?I was in the airplane helios with my mother brother and father,we had one other baby but we didn't take it with us,Pity NOW WE ARE IN Paradise and we didnt take the baby with us ,Pity i didnt know that paradise is so nice.Unfotunetly WE DIDNT TAKE THE BABY WITH US. .Other night i saw other girl,she said to me,  my name is Evelin.WE WERE in the aeroplane helios. You were not scared? No we were not in the aeroplane when it wend down. Our Angels took us to Christ some minutes before the plane goes down.I asked her didnt pass from toll houses?What is that? The devils.We didnt see any devils.Our Angels took us to Jesus.Christ crowned us as witnesses.You want to see my mother?before i even say anything,i was in paradise,very nice place full of flowers,i asked her mother,what are you doing now? i cut flowers from my garden to give to the saint that celebrates today.For you the people that you were on earth,when you hear about the accident,you said tragedy,but for us was the best time of our life.We are very happy with Christ, BECAUSE without asking us he put us in paradise.I am happy because i am with my family here.There is no night here.Each time we know who celebrates. I cut flowers from my garden to give to the saint that celebrates today.For you the people that you were on earth,when you hear about the accident,you said tragedy,but for us was the best time of our life.we are very happy with Christ, BECAUSE without asking us he put us in paradise.i am happy because i am with my family here.There is no night her.Each time we know who celebrates.while she was talking to me i woke up from sleep.After a while some other people who had relatives in the aeroplane started asking about their oun relatives who were in the plane. I said to God.I am the reason now to cause such  a problem?    For you the people that you were on earth,when you hear about the accident,you said tragedy,but for us was the best time of our life.We are very happy with Christ, BECAUSE without asking us he put us in paradise.i am 😊  After a while some other people who had relatives in the aeroplane started asking about their oun relatives who were in the plane. I said to God.I am the reason now to cause such  a problem to the people for the rest of the people who were in the aeroplane not knowing the rest of the families if their relatives are in olso in paradise?After 2,3 nights i see other dream,Alot of people came to vizit me saying to me, we all that we were in the aeroplane,we are all here in paradise,And each one of them was passing in front of me  introduse himself,saying who was telling me all their story,but i dont remember all of their names

Saturday, November 7, 2020

What is their true nature

 What is the true nature of the alien spaceman who many claim to have seen, spoken or even travel with them to other planets?

They are people or humanoids material beings of some kind or maybe spiritual beings, immaterial spirits? More and more researchers tend to the second, and even sudden seems not so good experiences ... The following is taken from the book "Ôhe Dark Gods" of Collin Wilson and Anthony Roberts (Panther Books, 1984). The Wilson and Roberts, researchers supernatural phenomena in their book make a comparison of experiences with aliens and experiences that occur in occultism, spiritualism and pagan religions from ancient times until today.

The flying saucers began to appear from 1947 onwards. Every year increasing UFO sightings and contacts with alien beings. Reports come from simple farmers to policemen and pilots of airplanes, and from all countries of the world.
Detailed investigations have been made by the military services in many countries, but because of the ephemeral and non-material nature of phenomena, the authorities have concluded that this phenomenon has no physical substance. On the other hand, can not admit the existence of supernatural spirits and therefore resort to the interpretation of "mass hysteria" when there are many eyewitnesses occurrence UFO, or hallucinations and self-consciousness when it comes to individual controls. Even scientists give the interpretation of natural phenomena such as the formation of clouds, lightning round, optical refractions planets and other meteorological phenomena. However, there are famous scientists, astrophysicists, astronomers and engineers who believe and engage in research of UFO.

The initial impression of those who accepted their existence, they were, as they said themselves are supposed aliens, there are intelligent civilizations on other planets who have advanced in technology a lot more of us on earth and send spaceships to explore the universe. Slowly, however, the attitude of many researchers of these phenomena began to change and shifted to the metaphysical realm. Today more and more talk about the "nature parapsychiki" alien and many researchers admit that the aliens are spiritual rather than material, entities.
George Antamski was the first modern man reported meeting with aliens in the desert of California, 1952 In this meeting, also attended by his friends, a creature with long black hair, large gray-green eyes slightly tear, bulging cheeks and big long nails spoke telepathically (transfer considerations in the mind of another, without oral speech). He said that he is from the planet Venus and gave some cosmological and moral messages about how people should live in harmony with each other and the risk of radioactivity.
After this meeting, Antamski reported meeting with a being from Saturn, "penetrant, sparkling eyes and reddish skin, which was accompanied by another alien from Mars. Took him to a black car and taken a flying saucer, which saw another creature with black skin and black hair and two creatures with a female figure, with long nails and skin radiating heat.'s eyes was a black and beaming. Antamski the said they took him with them in space and observe various phenomena unknown to science. Needless to mention, of course, and that if at that time did not confirm if there was some kind of life on Mars, Venus, Saturn, the next decades by sending satellites made ​​sure that there are not even microorganisms or even water on these planets completely dead. This alone proves that the alleged aliens, if we accept that the story was not figment of his imagination Antamski was nothing but deceiving spirits.
The Antamski contacts with "aliens" and continued later said some "Sovereigns" (name of some angels) who imparted a kind of philosophy reminiscent of Buddhism. He talked about various stages of the soul, reincarnation of the spirit of "enlightened masters", one of whom was Jesus. After the publication of his experiences Antamski start experiencing many who claimed they had been in contact with aliens. Most of them turned out to be interested to gain money or become famous, and some of them were people with psychoses.
However there are people who completely reliable experiences that had not be explained in any scientific way. In their reports, however, there are notable differences. For example, while the Afroditianoi Antamski seemed like physical people, someone else, the Ch.Megker, said he met Afroditianous "etheric nature" and that people to travel with them had to undergo a procedure.
A well known case is the Juniors. Nterenmpergker that Dyt.Virtzinia in 1966, saw a UFO grounded on a street. A two-meter man with very black skin, long hair and tearing eyes, came out of the spaceship. He was dressed in a black suit and said his name was Cold and I would return to see him. Then came the album took off at high speed. This "alien" visited many times Nterenmpergker not always flying saucer but with ... black limos! He said he came from the planet Lanoulos from a distant galaxy. Eventually Nterenmpergker reported that moved with flying disc on the planet where that saw large cities. After these underwent extensive psychiatric examination at a public hospital. The final opinion wrote that it was a completely honest and reliable man, without fluctuations, intellectual or mental abnormalities, and had apparently been in contact with some strange form of reality.
Then we present an excerpt from the Soviet newspaper "Sovietskagia Torgkovlia" on recent appearances alien phenomena in the Perm region: "... The locals claim that the strange phenomena in Zone Perm 'have been observed long ... a woman saw two tall people without persons dressed in black clothes. mowed Two men saw similar anthropomorphic creatures ... the position of the head was something incomprehensible, something like a bucket. During the early 80s, dozens of builders who were building shelters, afraid of something (tried to explain the causes, referring to some unknown force, but to tell something specific) gave up everything and left the village without even ask to be paid. then of them reached in Perm scientific team E.Mpatsourin, member of the Study Commission Pansovietikis strange phenomenon. Chief was V.Semsouk biology and computer scientist. Anomalies of space and time and felt the members of the mission. The measured distances between different objects, the night grew in a strange way. 30m hours became 90 ...
The band occasionally observed footprints in the grass, which had oval or round shape ... some saw flying saucers often changing color and at times were hovering over a crowd. When trying to reach either disappear or departed quietly. Two weeks before the arrival of the mission, on the river city Find landed a "dish". Over 100 people saw him come out of it a few anthropomorphic creatures big and small ... guides narrate that met several times in deserted streets beings resembling the Minotaur! On one occasion they saw a girl goes on the road and when approached they discovered that the position of the face was like a bear's head ...
When the scientific expedition, which consisted of forty persons, entered the territory of the mysterious "Area of Perm" began and strange phenomena. "Immediately I conceived myself to think that someone's watching, writes Fr. Mouchartof. And this impression was accompanied throughout the period of the mission." The evening photographing while twenty people. Sometimes the flash did not work, but then again we all saw on the opposite side black humanoid figures ...
"Luminous robot silhouettes of people approaching us at 15 meters from the point where we were standing, and then came back and hid in the forest. The mysterious visitors, totaling two to four meters, was quite full-bodied ... totally random witnessed the peculiar communication with them. And not only witness but also interlocutor. This is not to say what we discussed ... I promised them .. ".
"Several were questions. It seems that they know everything about us that is representative of the new Planet Red Star Libra. They are here already two years and the purpose of their visit to the concealed ... I suggested to visit the planet. I answered that it is way trip and dangerous (!) "
What to say about these alien beings ... It is clear that these are demons, such as we find in descriptions of magicians and pagan religions?
John Kiil, renowned researcher phenomena UFO, says that many eyewitnesses reported for tiny or giant aliens, and sometimes have unusually long fingers like crab claws! Also reported feathered beings at a part of Dyt.Virtzinia where shown UFO. A winged creature appeared in Kent, England, immediately after the appearance of a UFO. They have been very strange alien costumes as "a little man with short blue top hat and beard, he disappeared in a cloud of smoke!"
Sometimes the "aliens" are observed only from certain present, and not all. Also cameras have gotten aliens, who did not seem natural eye. Classical is the photo of Templeton who photographed his daughter, and the appearance of the photo behind it seems to form a standing as an astronaut. But even this is a classic phenomenon parapsychology, such as in seances have photographed the supposed spirits of the dead.
The aliens communicate with people with telepathy. However there have been reports that gave messages through the table "Cul-For" (used by psychics to communicate with spirits), with automatic writing (even a spiritualistic technique) and bringing people into a trance (in the same way mediums possessed by a spirit, which speaks through them). The messages given are warning about the risk of upcoming nuclear devastation, the destruction of the environment and "spiritual teachings", which are almost identical to those of spiritualists, esoteriston and eastern religions, the idea that man personally evolve through constant reincarnations and mankind collectively perfected through racial progress (occult racism). There is even an indirect denial of the uniqueness of Jesus Christ for the salvation of men.
Many times prophesy future events, which sometimes has been verified, but not the most numerous. For example, in 1967 many were getting messages from aliens of "intergalactic Management Primer" for major disasters on Christmas Eve, which was not the case.
Also on flying saucers, it is noteworthy that most UFO appear as moving lights or flares as light and not as solid machines, and usually appear suddenly in the sky as lights. Many reported that they could not stand to look at the blinding lights that temporarily paralyzed body, and lost track of time, eg some said they traveled to distant galaxies within a few hours. Such experiences "spiritual journey" is common in persons involved in occultism and in people taking hallucinogenic drugs.
Also indicated temperature changes and objects levitation phenomena, such as once a car got into the air by a UFO! Sometimes appearances of UFO related strange smells. A man saw a cigar-shaped light in the sky, he said that the atmosphere smelled strongly like brimstone. Also a muffled humming sounds sometimes shown UFO. Another phenomenon is the realization or disappearance of objects in front of people. But all these are classic phenomena in the field of magic and spiritualism ...
Another strange phenomenon is that often appeared in locations where UFO are animal corpses drained of their blood, but without a trace of blood on the ground. People who came in contact with "aliens" and many researchers have observed these phenomena in their lives spiritualistic phenomena occurring type "Poltergkaist" (meaning "spirits Brawlers") movement of objects without human intervention, cant objects, strange noises and unexplained sounds in the house, unexplained breaking objects etc.. Yet no empirical treatment of physical illness, and unexplained chronic pain, especially chronic headaches - all these phenomena also often the spiritualists and occultists.
Most phenomena accompanying the show UFO or alien contact, are found in similar form in spiritism and witchcraft. The "astral travel", the "ecstasies", "automatic writing", the crystal ball, the photography spirit not seen with the naked eye, light floating in rooms. The characteristics of the spirits that have occurred in seances is mostly Asian-type (tearing eyes, bulging cheeks, reddish or black skin).
What is very interesting is the names of many aliens that resemble the names of many demonic deities worshiped in ancient times, or who are known to those skilled in the magic invocations of demons. For example there is the case of a woman who recently reported the appearance of a UFO, and who said that after this, the presented a creature with goat legs, shiny eyes and pointy ears to classical pagan deity (the god Pan in ancient Greek religion)! Two famous "aliens" that have appeared in many people is the abs and primers, respectively of Apollyon probably names and Astarte, demonic deities mentioned in the Bible.
Also psychics have started to get messages from spirits that are recommended as "brothers from space". Also some descriptions of people who came into contact with "alien spaceman" said they saw on the uniforms a snake, the symbol of the devil.

The investigator John Kiil found in the 60s a few people who had come into contact with someone alien named "abs". Later this mysterious creature came to phone (!) Contacting the Kiil and gave many predictions for the future, more than which failed to materialize. He said he was a "spirit that was moving through the paths of time for centuries!" Apollyon is the name of an angel of darkness, as mentioned in Revelation. The alien named "Primer" is reminiscent of the Babylonian deity "primer" or "Astarte". Aliens have spoken to the governor "Saturnine" a distant planet, and Saturn was an ancient Greek deity.

Monday, November 2, 2020

We are talking about the deliberate concealment of a unique manuscript of Muhammad

 We are talking about the deliberate concealment of a unique manuscript of Muhammad

 So today we have another shocking proof of the distortion of religions by misanthropes so that they advocate their criminal pursuits instead of curbing their intolerant instincts.  We are talking about the deliberate concealment of a unique manuscript of Muhammad which of course was handed over to a pious Turk in 1517. Read the unique facts and details as they first came to the surface from the amazing research of V. Misyris in the magazine IHOR (t  . 45, May 2004).  But it is worth first of all to read the contents of the will in translation by the patriarch of Jerusalem Nektarios.

 WARM CONGRATULATIONS are also deserved at the University of Crete for the titanic effort it makes with the "Anemi" program, the digital library that makes such works available as that of Nektarios so that they are accessible to any researcher.

 We must clarify that the patriarch, out of excessive religiosity, refuses to attribute the meaning of the word Greek to the corresponding Arabic (Yunan) and translates it as Christian.  But Muhammad clearly distinguishes between the two concepts.  He calls the Greeks a tribe of the Yunans and the Christians a generation of the Nazarenes.  READ:

 "This letter, because God is great and ruler, after all the prophets came, so that there would be no testimony of injustice to God, for the gifts given to people, was written by Muhammad, the son of Abdullah and the apostle of God, who  Theorist and curator of the whole world to all his nation and his religion, as a solid and sure class and's abduction, for the tribe of the Yunans (Greeks) and for the generation of the Nazarenes (Christians) wherever they are, whether or not  noble to be or disgusting, glorious or even glorious say so.

 A ') Whoever of my nation wants to break the promise and the oath where it is in this agreement, breaks the promise of God, and denies his oath, and in return for his command, resists his faith (not genuine  god) becomes worthy of the curse, or the King to be the same or even poor, and simply say whatever he is.

 »B ') Well, when any of the traveling monks wants to live in any mountain, or peak, or cave, or village and place of residence, or shrine or beach or in a monastery, or church and house of thanksgiving, I am among them a protector and  guard them and all their things with my own soul and with my help and protection, and with all my nation because they are part of me and my honor.

 C) That I protect and prevent the eminents from seeking from them hike, or other new offerings that violence and dynasty are not done to them.

 D) Judge them, and their abbots, do not change them, but remain unchangeable.

 »E ') Their travelers should not be hindered by any of their browsing.

 F) None of the existing ones of their churches could be spent on the construction of Metziti, or any other Muslim place.

 G) Whoever wants any of these, where I forbade, let him find out of course how he solved the definition of god and confronted his Apostle.

 H) That their Critics, and their abbots, and their slaves, and their disciples, and their disciples, should not pay a hike, that they should not be offended, that I am their protector wherever they are on land or at sea,  to the East and the West, to Arcton and Mesimbrian because they and everything about them is my debt, and my oath and legacy.

 (I) And from those who quietly practice in the mountains, do not spend a hike, not a tenth for their income - not a single Muslim to associate with them, because these others do not work only for food.

 ΙΔ) “When the time came for the fruit to fall, let them give each reptile a boast.

 ΙΑ ') Neither in time of war should I bless them to bless the war, nor ask them for a hike.

 »ΙΒ ') That of the Christians the locals and the rich where they deal with wealth and are worthy of a hike not to pay more than twelve drachmas.

 »M) Outside the headland, do not ask for them anymore, according to the command of God where he says.  Do not bother those who respect the books sent down by God, but in the best of the best ways to make them good, and in fact associate with them and those where you tempt them (whoever they are) to prevent them.

 N) A Christian woman if she marries a Muslim to do her will and not to hinder her from the church, and her prayer and the habits of her faith.

 »Ι '' Tina not to prevent them from renovating their churches.

 (P) Whoever wants a hair, despite this promise, or to believe the opposite, of course becomes an apostate of God, and of the Divine Apostle: That this is a help to them in their promises.

 Q.) And do not raise any chariots on them, in fact the Muslims should fight for them.

 (R) And for this reason I command no one from my nation to take any action against this promise until the world is destroyed.


 Alis, son of Abitalip- Omar, son of Hatav 'Abudeldar, son of Abober' Abbas, son of Amtelmutalib Zivir, son of Abbam- Saad, son of Maat Thibit, son of Mahab Nevi, son of Nebi A  Karsi Abtilazim, son of Hassan Aziv, son of Yassin Abubeker, son of 'Abi Qafi' 'Uthman, son of Gaffa' Abulah, son of Mesut Fazer, son of 'Abwas; Talat, son of Abw, son of Ab  son of Tavit Hasmer, son of Abid 'Hatith, son of Tavit Abdullah, son of Omar.

 The present was written by the guide and successor Ali of Abitalip, putting his hand on the prophet in the Prophet's Menjiti (in peace) in the second year of the flight (Egeiras 624 AD) on the third day of the month of Maharem ".

 The reasons for the writing of this testament - order of protection of Greeks and Christians, have some historical explanations:

 A) When Muhammad was twelve years old, he accompanied his uncle to Syria, where he was hosted by a Greek monk.  Many at that time believed that those who knew the Bible also knew about the prophetic mission of Muhammad.  So it is rumored that as soon as the monk saw the child, he "cried out as another Samuel, seeing David: This is the great prophet!".  And he touched the shoulder of the young Muhammad, where he found the seal of prophecy.  (“ΙΧΩΡ” No 16, p. 66).

 It is therefore speculated that this is one of the reasons for the son of Desert's sympathy for the Orthodox Christians, who understood from the beginning the value of his prophetic words.

 B ') The other, who also expresses the Prophet's gratitude to the Greeks, is the following: The "helpers" (disciples) of Muhammad discovered a plan to kill the Prophet by his enemies, so they hurriedly took him and  They left Mecca for Medina.  The success of this escape is directly connected with the intervention of a rich Greek, who, in order for Muhammad to leave Medina, offered in exchange all his vast fortune.  The prophet calls this Greek "the first fruit of Greece".  Muhammad's escape is called Egeira and took place on September 20-24, 622 AD.  (“ICHOR” No 16, p. 70).  It seems that in the time of Egeira the Sinaitic abbot, realizing in time the increase of the power of the then infamous Muhammad and knowing that the monastery of Sinai as well as the remarkable Greek trading community of Petraia Arabia would be exposed to the statements of the Arabs,  this beneficial decree in favor of the Greek community and the orthodox monasteries.  Muhammad, pleased and flattered by the Greek recognition of the truth of his words, not only issued the decree, but, as the patriarch of Jerusalem Nektarios writes, "I loved the Greek people (Yunan) much more than any other race, and he studied a lot  they are kept untouched in peace from there and it does not seem in any other letter to put his own hand except in the one where he gave to the Christians ”(Nectar. Ίεροκ. ρστορ., p. 275).  Initially, Muhammad's efforts focused not on the conversion of Greek Christians, but on not criticizing and fighting his prophecies and the emerging religion of Islam.

 Do you realize that this revelation would be the best answer to the Sunnis who become meek instruments of the barbaric pursuits of the West.  For the Turks, let's not talk about it.  "Religion there is ala-kart and when it becomes Annoying," either Kemal or the "constitutional court" is recruited.

 So maybe, Mr. Ragoussi, the Muslims who flock to the country should have been taught this historical element first.  But we said, they must be helpless and hostile in order to serve without questions the demands of the barons - builders but also of the real estate of the "left" throwing at prices prices of areas - fillets that then suddenly become malls and lofts.

 Be sure to look for ICHOR, issue 45 (May 2004) to see the shocking historical facts quoted by Vassilis Misyris about the will, as well as to know aspects of Greek-Muslim cooperation in common wars

Tuesday, October 27, 2020


The soul has its senses and, consequently, feels

The latter decision is not an act of overthrow, the decision of the soul at the moment of its separation from the body, but rather to realize a union with the transformed, resurrected body with which the soul will continue to live forever. After separation, the soul has its senses and, consequently, feels, perceives, and generally exercises all the energies of the soul (Revelation 6: 9-10, 7:15; 1 Peter 3:19; Hebrews 12:23; Luke 16: 27-28). The word "sleep", which characterizes death, does not refer to the soul, but to the body. At Matthew 27:52, we read that many saints who had fallen asleep were raised. The final decision will take place regarding the second coming of Jesus Christ, a strong belief of the Church recorded in the Creed that "He (Jesus Christ) will come again in glory to judge the quick and the dead." The time of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ is unknown and, according to Revelation, can not be guessed by any means.

Photios Kontoglou experience


by Photios Kontoglou

On Pascha Monday, in the evening after midnight, before fore lying down to sleep I went out into the little garden behind my house. The sky was dark and covered with stars. I seemed to see it for the first time, and a distant psalmody seemed to descend from it. My lips murmured, very softly: "Exalt ye the Lord our God, and worship the footstool of His feet." A holy man once told me that during these hours the heavens are opened. The air exhaled a fragrance of the flowers and herbs I had planted. "Heaven and earth are filled with the glory of the Lord."
I could well have remained there alone until break of day. I was as if without a body and without any bond to the earth. But fearing that my absence would disturb those with me in the house, I returned and lay down.
Sleep had not really taken possession of me; I do not know whether I was awake or asleep, when suddenly a strange man rose up before me. He was as pale as a dead man. His eyes were as if open, and he looked at me in terror. His face was like a mask, like a mummy's. His glistening, dark yellow skin was stretched tight over his dead man's head with all its cavities. He was as if panting. In one hand he held some kind of bizarre object which I could not make out; the other hand was clutching his breast as if he were suffering.
This creature filled me with terror. I looked at him and he looked at me without speaking, as if he were waiting for me to recognize him, strange as he was. And a voice said to me: "It is so-and-so!" And I recognized him immediately. Then he opened his mouth and sighed. His voice came from far away; it came up as from a deep well.
He was in great agony, and I suffered for him. His hands, his feet, his eyes—everything showed that he was suffering. In my despair I was going to help him, but he gave me a sign with his hand to stop. He began to groan in such a way that I froze. Then he said to me: "I have not come; I have been sent. I shake without stop; I am dizzy. Pray God to have pity on me. I want to die but I cannot. Alas! Everything you told me before is true. Do you remember how, several days before my death, you came to see me and spoke about religion? There were two other friends with me, unbelievers like myself. You spoke, and they mocked. When you left, they said: 'What a pity! He is intelligent and he believes the stupid things old women believe!'
"Another time, and other times too, I told you: 'Dear Photios, save up money, or else you will die a pauper. Look a my riches, and I want more of them.' You told me then: 'Have you signed a pact with death, that you can live as many year as you want and enjoy a happy old age?'
"And I replied: 'You will see to what an age I will live Now I am 75; 1 will live past a hundred. My children are free from want. My son earns a lot of money, and I have married my daughter to a rich Ethiopian. My wife and I have more money than we need. I am not like you who listen to what the priests say: "A Christian ending to our life ..." and the rest. What have you to gain from a Christian ending? Better a full pocket and no worries ... Give alms? Why did your so merciful God create paupers? Why should I feed them? And they ask you, in order to go to Paradise, to feed idlers! Do you want to talk about Paradise? You know that I am the son of a priest and that I know well all these tricks. That those who have no brains believe them is well enough, but you who have a mind have gone astray. If you continue to live as you arc doing, you will die before me, and you will be responsible for those you have led astray. As a physician I tell you and affirm that I will live a hundred and ten years ...'"
After saying all this, he turned this way and that as if he were on a grill. I heard his groans: "Ah! Ouch! Oh! Oh!" He was silent for a moment, and then continued: "This is what I said, and in a few days I was dead! I was dead, and I lost the wager! What confusion was mine, what horror! Lost, I descended into the abyss. What suffering I have had up to now, what agony! Everything you told me was true. You have won the wager!

"When I was in the world where you are now, I was an intellectual, I was a physician. I had learned how to speak and to be listened to, to mock religion, to discuss whatever falls under the senses. And now I see that everything I called stories, myths, paper lanterns—is true. The agony which I am experiencing now—this is what is true, this is the worm that never sleeps, this is the gnashing of teeth."
After having spoken thus, he disappeared. I still heard his groans, which gradually faded away. Sleep had begun to take possession of me, when I felt an icy hand touch me. I opened my eyes and saw him again before me. This time he was more horrible and smaller in body. He had become like a nursing infant, with a large old man's head which he was shaking.
"In a short time the day will break, and those who have sent me will come to seek me!"
"Who are they?"
He spoke some confused words which I could not make out. Then he added: "There where I am, there are also many who mock you and your faith. Now they understand that their spiritual darts have not gone beyond the cemetery. There are both those you have done good to, and those who have slandered you. The more you forgive them, the more they detest you. Man is evil. Instead of rejoicing him, kindness makes him bitter, because it makes him feel his defeat. The state of these latter is worse than mine. They cannot leave their dark prison to come and find you as I have done. They are severely tormented, lashed by the whip of God's love, as one of the Saints has said [St. Isaac the Syrian]. The world is something else entirely from what we see! Our intellect shows it to us in reverse. Now we understand that our intellect was only stupid, our conversations were spiteful meanness, our joys were lies and illusions.
"You, who bear God in your hearts, Whose word is Truth, the only Truth—you have won the great wager between believers and unbelievers. This wager I have lost. I tremble, I sigh, and I find no rest. In truth, there is no repentance in hell. Woe to those who walk as I did when I was on earth. Our flesh was drunk and mocked those who believed in God and eternal life; almost everyone applauded us. They treated you as mad, as imbeciles. And the more you accept our mockeries, the more our rage increases.
"Now I see how much the conduct of evil men grieved you. How could you bear with such patience the poisoned darts which issued from our lips which treated you as hypocrites, mockers of God, and deceivers of the people. If these evil men who are still on earth would see where I am, if only they were in my place, they would tremble for everything they are doing. I would like to appear to them and tell them to change their path, but I do not have the permission to do so, just as the rich man did not have it when he begged Abraham to send Lazarus the pauper. Lazarus was not sent, so that those who sinned might be worthy of punishment and those who went on the ways of God might be worthy of salvation.

"He that is unrighteous, let him do unrighteousness yet more; and he that is filthy, let him he made filthy yet more. And he that is righteous, let him do righteousness yet more; and he that is holy, let him be made holy yet more" (Apoc. 22:11).

With these words he disappeared

Sunday, October 18, 2020



Freemasons is pure satanism Illuminati  is real and they seek control of the world. Watch out guys they see everything you do they got control over the bank/money and laws also the police and the army we are rats in a cage
 Chief Commander Lucifer.Do not listen to Masters who are Christians??? because you can not serve two Masters.They are    kings of deception.They do believe that they do good,But the reality is that they are fellows of fallen angels
Fidel Castro to see here with his eyes, looking up like Jesus and pointing downward to the god of the Liberators of conserving the devil. "Lucifer's children, the word" Lucifer "means" LIGHT to COMISTER so that the Masons are the "children of light" or, in fact, "the children of the demons

Saturday, October 17, 2020


 However, the Bible did not speak of karma but of God's judgment.  ) The concept of karma is nothing more than a cunning attempt to involve the Soul in the laws of physics and thus make the followers believe that they depend on the guru for their release.  The New Agers want to refer to karma as a law of personal responsibility, when in fact it is the opposite, a mechanism that allows one to behave as one wishes, knowing full well that at some future date everything will be balanced and no fundamental damage has been done.  .  Since the New Agers believe that the law of karma could not work in full force in a single lifetime, they propose a long series of lives over which Soul'matures' operate from its evil karma.  The end result, supposedly, of this long evolutionary process is the Realization of God, the great enlightenment in which the Soul eventually becomes a god.  Reincarnation is therefore commercially available as a flawless mechanism of self-perfection, at which point the maturity and defects in an individual are gradually improved and eliminated.  This misleading philosophy is designed to ensure that no one needs a serious effort for their personal salvation, as the New Agers claim that everyone is saved from the beginning, so who needs a Savior?  Again, Lucifer achieves an important goal when he makes someone accept this awful philosophy.  The New Age movement has tried various ways to market reincarnation among Christians.  The main one among them is the hypnotic regression, where the subject is placed in a state of atrophy and is motivated to remember episodes from his "previous life".  This is an extremely clever trick since hypnosis, by its very nature, exposes the person to demonic influences.  Implanting "memories" is therefore easy to achieve.  The New Agers also want to report cases of children remembering their previous lives.  This is extremely vague, as children are very implied and can accept all sorts of myths and stories as part of their personal reality.  If they are members of a family that leans toward occultism, the child may also be exposed to unclean spirits and implanted with "memories" based on a verifiable fact.  It is worth noting that the great architect behind most of the philosophies of the New Age, Mrs. Blavatsky, did not herself support the principle of reincarnation in her first great work,

 Isis revealed

 .  If the fact of reincarnation is such a central tenet of New Age thought, then why was it not mentioned even once in this monumental volume (over 1470 pages)?  The reason is simple - it had not yet been recognized (in 1877) as an important factor in the toxic preparation that Lucifer prepared for the impatient.  If you have any doubts about Blavatsky's devotion to Lucifer's rule, you may want to note that the name he gave her in her theosophical magazine was


 and that the publishing house founded by her students to spread her work was originally called the Lucifer Publishing Company (later changed to Lucis Trust).  Her books,



 The Secret Doctrine

 are full of Luciferian philosophy.

 Remove not the ancient landmark set by your fathers.

 People foolishly believe that they can draw on certain New Age beliefs, combined with their Christian faith, but that is not possible.  As the Bible says, "Does a fountain send fresh and bitter water to the same place?"  (James 3:11).  If a movement is Luciferian in particular, it is Luciferian

Friday, October 16, 2020

Antichrist Arrival


Agios Kosmas of Aitolos (+
 One thing to reveal to you, my Christians, I pray that you will burn your heart, it is terrible and sad, my heart trembles to say, but what am I doing, where my Christ says I do not reveal it, goes to hell? The Holy Bible, the Holy and the Holy Gospel reveal to us that
in the 8th century there will be the end of the world
and this world is going to spoil.

Saint Ambrose Optinas (+
"If in Russia, too, due to contempt of the commandments of God and the weakening of the rules and the checks of the Orthodox Church, and for other reasons, piousness decreases,
immediately after the final fulfillment
what was written at the end of the Bible,
in Revelation
of St. John the Theologian "O

St. Theophanes in the enclosure (+
"Although the name of Christ will be heard everywhere and everywhere there will be visible Churches and
ecclesiastical sequences
 , all this will be
 only appearance
 , while
there will be real apostasy
That is why it will be the Antichrist ... "It is noteworthy that ecumenism was printed in 1986 but was informally earlier. Apostasy is the distortion of the spiritual incarnations of Orthodoxy
the royal power falls and
The world
founded republics
 then there will be room
to act

Agios Athanasios the Great (+
The Orthodox Church will hide from the eyes of the people behind the curtain of the confrontations of the heresies, the rational thinking of the positivist meditation and the various atheistic and materialist theories, which will be advertised in the name of human scientific knowledge. Ignorance will cover Orthodoxy and will or will be assimilated to the heresies and will be understood as part of the cosmically understood "Christianity" or will be considered as an event of outdated eras. It will be considered once, but it does not exist today, as it helped the former humanity, but it is not useful to it

present. And historical knowledge is still not considered useful and therefore devoid of interest. Thus, due to the lack of knowledge or the existence of only misleading information,
Orthodox Church
will come
to oblivion

For many
by the peoples ...
If the Church is forgotten
in the world, then
is removed
another obstacle

the assumption of the Antichrist

Saturday, October 3, 2020

Illuminati mind control

Satanic death is what you will get at the end=Illuminati-Freemason

One thing that Satanists (Laveyithans) use to attract members who may feel a bit uncomfortable with the word "satanist" is to say they are not satanists at all, and dont even believe in satan. Its called Atheistic Satanism aka "the church of satan." We must remember that demons and satan speak in riddles and say the opposite of what the truth is, even backwards speaking as in playing recordings backwards and hearing what the demons message really is. Their unholy hour is 3am the opposite of the death of Christ which was 3pm as an insult to Jesus. They also perform rituals saying the Lords Prayer backwards. So the BS about not believing in Satan is exactly opposite of what they really do, and atheistic is a total contradiction because they 1) have a church with weekly (or more) services (rituals) 2) They have unholy rituals to hail Satan and other demons, and a dogma to follow. So its all a front to hide what they really do which is everything that would selfish, ultramaterialistic and an abomination to Christ/God. Orgies, paedophilia, blood drinking, black magic, homosexuality is a requirement at least bi-sexuality, and promoting all the hedonistic desires as a good thing while denying God who they feel is a big meanie for not allowing it, so suddenly he doesnt exist, oh but his failed creation satan does. It makes no sense but these type of sociopaths dont care about logistics, its just about embracing their sins any way they can, and materialism. Dont buy into the deception, these things will ruin your life eventually because the satanic church owns you once you join. Once you are owned you have lost your soul, and yes spirit/souls are real. The whole set up is a farce to lure ignorant people to join, and rogue atheists as well. Sex addicts particularly enjoy that lifestyle and psychopathic narcissists love it. Suddenly they can be "gods!" What a joke. They totally fell for it. Yeah, its all fun and games to them until the moment of their death, and many have been very afraid at that time, even asking forgiveness from God. Its too late then sadly but wasn't the money, drugs, and sex worth the trade off? Satanic death is forever, we are on Earth but a short time to be tested and learn. Satanists are like spoiled children who refuse proper meals and just want candy and cookies for every meal. There is always a huge price to pay for that short time of pleasure though eventually isn't there? This insanity leads one to understand Satanism itself is completely illogical and self destructive, any selfish fool could be atheist or satanist thats easy, evil is easy. However being righteous and holy is not an easy road but a challenge, its very hard in these times with stresses and temptations at every turn, but the rewards are immense if you can hang in there, and you can get help if you ask. To be immortal is a promise from God, satan being only an angel cannot give immortality, so those who choose the left hand path are sent to be with satan at death, who hates traitors and all humans, so they recieve the most exquisite torture of all for his pleasure, because satanists ARE still humans, and it behooves satan to prove to God humans are not worthy, then their soul is destroyed. There is no party, no promotion, no reincarnation, you are just gone in a poof of fire.


Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Next is the Fall of Erdogan: Metropolitan of Morphou

Some people try to scare us. A  Holy man of God told me, All these scary things have only one purpose.To scare all of us,and our politician leaders.The first sign of these period before is the fall of Erdogan.He is arogant and he will fall.But we dont know what kind of fall is going to be.Our biggest allies in this century is our saints and the Arrogance of Erdogan.After him others will take the leadership in Turkey.Nothing will happen in war with Turks as long Erdogan is leader in Turkey.Have this in mind.The others after Erdogan will destroy the so called friendship with the Russians,They will invade in Aegean and take 2,3 small islands for some period of time months.........🇹🇷 will dissapear from the map in war with RUSSIA .Freedom is coming 🙏 soon to my country Cyprus 🇨🇾 🙏 🙌 ❤ 

Monday, September 28, 2020

The law of attraction=It's actually magic

 The law of attraction is magic because you do not ask for something as a prayer from God or His Saints but from something impersonal, from an impersonal force or from nothing. When we do not ask Christ for the true God or His Saints, then our requests go to the devil. And the devil runs to fulfill them so that we can later believe that the law of attraction fulfilled our requests and not God. When in fact they have been fulfilled by the devil, who is a person, an evil spirit, an angel who became a demon and his purpose is to turn us away from Christ the true God.its a big sin to believe that we are small Gods

if you write down your thoughts,expectations and wait to become a reality,It's ritual and you seek help from devils=The magicians teach this.BECAUSE YOU DON'T  Ask HELP FROM GOD