Friday, July 5, 2019

Τaking over of the Antichrist

Agios Kosmas of Aitolos (+
 One thing to reveal to you, my Christians, I pray that you will burn your heart, it is terrible and sad, my heart trembles to say, but what am I doing, where my Christ says I do not reveal it, goes to hell? The Holy Bible, the Holy and the Holy Gospel reveal to us that
in the 8th century there will be the end of the world
and this world is going to spoil.

Saint Ambrose Optinas (+
"If in Russia, too, due to contempt of the commandments of God and the weakening of the rules and the checks of the Orthodox Church, and for other reasons, piousness decreases,
immediately after the final fulfillment
what was written at the end of the Bible,
in Revelation
of St. John the Theologian "O

St. Theophanes in the enclosure (+
"Although the name of Christ will be heard everywhere and everywhere there will be visible Churches and
ecclesiastical sequences
 , all this will be
 only appearance
 , while
there will be real apostasy
That is why it will be the Antichrist ... "It is noteworthy that ecumenism was printed in 1986 but was informally earlier. Apostasy is the distortion of the spiritual incarnations of Orthodoxy
the royal power falls and
The world
founded republics
 then there will be room
to act

Agios Athanasios the Great (+
The Orthodox Church will hide from the eyes of the people behind the curtain of the confrontations of the heresies, the rational thinking of the positivist meditation and the various atheistic and materialist theories, which will be advertised in the name of human scientific knowledge. Ignorance will cover Orthodoxy and will or will be assimilated to the heresies and will be understood as part of the cosmically understood "Christianity" or will be considered as an event of outdated eras. It will be considered once, but it does not exist today, as it helped the former humanity, but it is not useful to it

present. And historical knowledge is still not considered useful and therefore devoid of interest. Thus, due to the lack of knowledge or the existence of only misleading information,
Orthodox Church
will come
to oblivion

For many
by the peoples ...
If the Church is forgotten
in the world, then
is removed
another obstacle

the assumption of the Antichrist

Monday, April 8, 2019

 Book of all heretics A scripture book of all heretics = because it can not be properly interpreted, such as the eschatological orientation of the Pentecostal prophecy directly linked to another oppressive psychological manifestation, which is the rapture of the Church of Christ before the arrival of the Antichrist according to their claims . With Church serum definitely means themselves. It should be to add that there is a large number of Pentecostal groups, arguing exactly the opposite, namely that the rapture will be after the arrival of the Antichrist and the Great Tribulation to follow Whoever tells us about Christ or to remain in the hands The Bible is not sure or sure to believe in Christ, as we believe is really tragic and terrible is the book of all the heretics. All heretics in this report. Because it is difficult for every Christian to immediately carry out the mistakes and cacisms of the heretics he should be avoided at all costs
PROTESTANT TV shows are doing things like taking devils out of humans all the time while breaking the law of God. The Word tells us how anyone can cast out demons, but still not make it to heaven in Matthew 7:21-23, Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity." Iniquity is known sin. What is sin? Sin is the transgression of the law/ten commandments. 1 John 3:4. Anyone can cast out demons in the name of Jesus. That is how powerful His name is! Casting demons out means nothing for salvation of anyone, or church or a people. Isaiah 8:20. Just the name of God cause the enemy to tremble.
Do they believe they are really doing miracles? with the help of Satan, because they have no distinction
These people are working the devil's work. All these heresies, the devils work well with them. - They use the name of Jesus and deceive the naive people. They can not understand that the devil can work with them. The devil gives and the devil takes it away. If you put these shit, it's hard to get out. if you do not humble yourself and do not confess your sins to a priest. = And you will be free from them. Superb mines. To justify the use of their languages, they refer in particular to the first letter of Saint Paul to the Corinthians (chapters 12-14). But St. Paul wrote this passage precisely because the languages ​​had become a source of disorder in the Church of Corinth. and even if it does not prohibit them, it reduces decisively their importance. This passage, therefore, should not encourage modern language revival but discourage it, especially when it is discovered (like the Pentecostals themselves) that there are other sources of speech in languages ​​other than the Holy Spirit! As Orthodox Christians we already know that speaking in tongues as a true gift of the Holy Spirit can not appear to people outside the Church of Christ.

Spirit of Darkness! Lucifer

Lucifer, the Light-bearer! Strange and mysterious name to give to the Spirit of Darkness! Lucifer, the Son of the Morning! Is it he who bears the Light, and with its splendors intolerable, blinds feeble, sensual, or selfish souls? Doubt it not! Masons from the first initiation which is the first degree are urged to mightily "seek the Light!" The average Mason is continually saying that he is "seeking the Light," and will spend his entire life "moving toward the Light." People who haven't studied this subject would assume that this "Light" is the revelation of the God of the Bible. This statement is continuously held up to try to convince us that Masonry is Christian. , Albert Pike is saying that Lucifer is the One who bears the Light of Freemasonry. The sentence immediately preceding confirms not only that that Lucifer is the Light-bearer, but that Masons of previous degrees have been led to believe that the opposite was true.


Devil worshipers= IF YOU"ENTER THE SATANIC WORLD OF THE FREEMASONS" THE ONLY MASTER IS JESUS ​​CHRIST AND NO ONE ELSE IS TO BE WORSHIPED! We're being controlled by secret societies their evil actions speak louder than words it's in their very nature to stay hidden while they're destroying Gods beautiful world Freemasons are pulling the strings believing Lucifer is their angel of light the whole wide world will be theirs if they follow his lead and we won't notice what's hidden in plain sight and who's the figure head to all this secrecy who's heading up its occult agenda Satan himself is behind this whole mess but I believe in Jesus and I won't surrender they're using war for their evil agenda to remove any leader who just won't submit to their debt-laden control and corruption they'll crush any power who stand against their politics and they've purchased nearly all forms of media to spout propaganda to brainwash the masses and they're manipulation things that our children learn as they're trained to comply in their classes I believe in Jesus the King of Kings with his heel, He'll crush that serpents head He's coming back to bring truth and justice and that occult agenda can go to hell and stay dead As do most occultists, Albert Pike had a "spirit guide" distributed "Divine Wisdom" and enlightened on how to achieve the New World Order. A "spirit guide" is a "being" who meets someone who has given more of themselves to the practice of the occult; However, people who are practitioners of New Age Religion do not see this as a bad thing. In fact, they would strongly support that is filled with happiness and joy by interacting with "spirit guides" them.Lucifer, the Light-bearer! Strange and mysterious name to give to the Spirit of Darkness! Lucifer, the Son of the Morning! Is it he who bears the Light, and with its splendors intolerable, blinds feeble, sensual, or selfish souls? Doubt it not! Masons from the first initiation which is the first degree are urged to mightily "seek the Light!" The average Mason is continually saying that he is "seeking the Light," and will spend his entire life "moving toward the Light." People who haven't studied this subject would assume that this "Light" is the revelation of the God of the Bible. This statement is continuously held up to try to convince us that Masonry is Christian. , Albert Pike is saying that Lucifer is the One who bears the Light of Freemasonry. The sentence immediately preceding confirms not only that that Lucifer is the Light-bearer, but that Masons of previous degrees have been led to believe that the opposite was true.

Exposing a Word Conspiracy

Exposing a Word Conspiracy For those who believe they are just strangers to the outside space who have created everything, I say that God has created each one of us. And he can give his own interpretation of what he can understand from an image, the ground or the sky. Restricted IQ has made us a lot of mistakes so far ... Hitler has begun with the occult and the construction of UFOs for several years and continues today in areas 51. There is a demonic and human manufacturer. Is not this only and we eliminate the other? We both have them. That is why we are confused ... If they can not express themselves and say for example ... we come to peace "Allens = Demonic beings There can be no abduction when you use the name of Jesus. Does the advanced weapons you see today = Build 50 years ago, can you imagine today? You will see this soon on your screens = Third World War You will see the high-speed aircraft, You will get everything from all kinds of weapons, And the world you know now will come back disappear if 200 years from the disaster Σήμερα, οι σκοτεινές δυνάμεις του Σατανά ονομάζονται Αλλοδαποί ή κάτι αρνητικό. Είναι οντότητες του Σατανά που θέλουν να χάσουν το μυαλό σας. Και το έκαναν με πολύ όμορφο τρόπο. Είναι σημάδι της σημερινής πνευματικής κρίσης ότι οι σύγχρονοι άνθρωποι με όλη τους την περήφανη φώτιση και «σοφία» ξέρουν και πάλι τέτοιες εμπειρίες - αλλά δεν έχουν πλέον την χριστιανική υποδομή για να τις ερμηνεύσουν μαζί τους. Οι σύγχρονοι ερευνητές των UFO, αναζητώντας μια εξήγηση για τα φαινόμενα που έχουν γίνει πολύ ορατά στο οπτικό πεδίο, συνεργάστηκαν με τους σημερινούς ψυχικούς ερευνητές σε μια προσπάθεια να διαμορφώσουν μια «ενοποιημένη θεωρία πεδίων» που περιλαμβάνει τόσο ψυχολογικά όσο και υλικά φαινόμενα. Αλλά τέτοιοι ερευνητές συνεχίζουν να προσεγγίζουν μόνο τις σύγχρονες "φωτισμένες" τον άνθρωπο και να εμπιστευτεί τις επιστημονικές παρατηρήσεις για να δώσει απαντήσεις σε ένα πνευματικό πεδίο που δεν μπορεί να είναι «αντικειμενικά» προσιτό, αλλά μόνο με πίστη. Ο φυσικός κόσμος είναι ηθικά ουδέτερος και μπορεί να είναι σχετικά γνωστός σε έναν αντικειμενικό παρατηρητή. αλλά το αόρατο πνευματικό βασίλειο περιλαμβάνει καλά και κακά όντα και ο «αντικειμενικός» παρατηρητής δεν έχει κανένα μέσο να διακρίνει το ένα από το άλλο εκτός αν δεχτεί την αποκάλυψη που έχει κάνει σε αυτούς τους ανθρώπους τον αόρατο Θεό. Έτσι, οι σημερινοί ερευνητές των UFO τοποθετούν τη θεϊκή έμπνευση της Βίβλου στο ίδιο επίπεδο με την αυτόματα εμπνευσμένη σατανική γραφή του πνευματισμού και δεν κάνουν διάκριση μεταξύ της δράσης των αγγέλων και της δράσης των δαίμων. Πολλές πρόσφατες μελέτες UFO από τους Ευαγγελικούς Προτεστάντες συγκεντρώνουν όλα αυτά τα γεγονότα και καταλήγουν στο συμπέρασμα ότι τα φαινόμενα των UFO είναι απλώς δαιμονικές. * Είναι δύσκολο να καταλήξουμε σε διαφορετικό συμπέρασμα Ορθόδοξος Χριστιανός ερευνητής. Ορισμένες ή πολλές από τις εμπειρίες μπορεί να είναι αποτέλεσμα απάτης ή ψευδαισθήσεων. αλλά είναι απλά αδύνατο να αφαιρέσετε μία από τις χιλιάδες αναφορές UFO με αυτόν τον τρόπο. Ένας μεγάλος αριθμός σύγχρονων μέσων ενημέρωσης και τα πνευματικά τους φαινόμενα είναι επίσης παραπλανητικά. αλλά η νοοτροπία της Mentism, όταν είναι γνήσια, παράγει αναμφίβολα πραγματικά "παραφυσικά" φαινόμενα κάτω από τη δράση των δαίμων. Τα φαινόμενα UFO, τα οποία έχουν την ίδια πηγή, δεν είναι λιγότερο αληθινά. ΠΡΟΣΟΧΗ ΠΑΡΕΧΟΝΤΑΙ ΕΔΩ = Υπάρχει τόσο ένας άνθρωπος και ένας διάβολος, ένας εξέχων κατασκευαστής. Η Stealth Bombardment είναι η πιο προηγμένη τεχνολογία που είναι γνωστή στο αμερικανικό κοινό και αναπτύχθηκε πριν από 30 χρόνια. Τι νομίζετε ότι έχουν τώρα; Ορισμένες ή πολλές από τις εμπειρίες μπορεί να είναι αποτέλεσμα απάτης ή ψευδαισθήσεων. αλλά είναι απλά αδύνατο να αφαιρέσετε μία από τις χιλιάδες αναφορές UFO με αυτόν τον τρόπο.

The aliens of our time match the demons

Τα περισσότερα φαινόμενα που συνοδεύουν την εμφάνιση UFO ή επαφή με εξωγήινους, βρίσκονται σε παρόμοια μορφή με τον πνευματισμό και τη μαγεία.Αυτό που είναι πολύ ενδιαφέρον είναι τα ονόματα των πολλών αλλοδαπών που μοιάζουν με τα ονόματα πολλών δαιμονικής θεότητες που λατρεύονταν στην αρχαιότητα, ή που είναι γνωστοί στους έμπειρους τις μαγικές επικλήσεις δαιμόνων. Για παράδειγμα, υπάρχει η περίπτωση μιας γυναίκας που ανέφερε πρόσφατα την εμφάνιση ενός UFO, και ο οποίος είπε ότι μετά από αυτό, μιας που παρουσιάζονται με τα πόδια τράγου, λαμπερά μάτια και τα μυτερά αυτιά κλασικό παγανιστικό θεό (τον θεό Πάνα στην αρχαία ελληνική θρησκεία )! Δύο διάσημα «αλλοδαπών» που έχουν εμφανιστεί σε πολλούς ανθρώπους είναι μη πολικά και εναύσματα, αντίστοιχα, πιθανώς τα ονόματα των Απολλύων και Αστάρτης, δαιμονικές θεότητες αναφέρονται στην Αγία Γραφή-Ό δε Διάβολος εκμεταλλευόμενος την σΰγχυσιν των καιρών, και την άδιαφορίαν του χριστιανού δια την ψυχικήν του σωτη­ρίαν, εργάζεται πυρετωδώς να αχρήστευση το έργον της Όρθοδόξου Εκκλησίας=Rev 12:7 And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, Rev 12:9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. The aliens of our time match the demons and fallen angels mentioned in the Bible in terms of their behavior.

This people are naive.They are getting read for the coming of Antichrist

This people are naive.They are getting ready for the coming of Antichrist. The new Beast 666 system will mandate that every man, woman, and child on planet Earth be issued a high tech, "Smart," I.D. card, called a Universal Biometrics Card. The chilling system is slated to be fully in operation .
This I.D. card allows the New World Order police state to track and link every man, woman, and child on planet Earth. Our activities are to be monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by federal Gestapo agencies -- the FBI, IRS, BATF, CIA, CIA, DEA, NSA, U.S. Treasury Service, and Department of Justice. International police and intelligence agencies are linked with the Beast 666 system, to include America's Big Brother-enforcing CIA, the vicious Russian KGB, the devious and wicked British Intelligence Service, and Israel's terrorist Mossad spy organization.
No Privacy With the Orwellian "Beast I.D." System
The computerized Universal Biometrics Card guarantees the control and surveillance of every living human being. The card contains templates, or samples, of the "individual's DNA genotype" and his or her "human leukocyte antigen." The artificial intelligence software and special sensors loaded into the card implement a number of other identification methods, including the capture of such human features as profile and facial photos, fingerprints, footprints, and iris scans of the eye.
A computerized, pen-like, fiber-optic and laser camera will be used at I.D. card issuing centers to be set up around the world. All citizens will be ordered to report to these centers and "volunteer" their bodies to the camera devices so that the I.D. card can instantly be manufactured and issued. Babies born in the future will immediately be entered into the system at hospitals and other birthing centers.
Massive, Global Computer System Established
Προκαταρκτικές πληροφορίες για το έργο L.U.C.I.D. ακόμη και τώρα διαδίδεται σε ομοσπονδιακές υπηρεσίες επιβολής του νόμου. Οι διευθυντές αυτών των οργανισμών θα ενημερωθούν για τον τρόπο με τον οποίο θα χρησιμοποιήσουν την προπαγάνδα και θα ανταποκριθούν έξυπνα στις έρευνες του δημόσιου και του τοπικού Τύπου, έτσι ώστε η τρομερή αλήθεια να μην γίνει γνωστή μέχρι να είναι πολύ αργά. Για παράδειγμα, οι κυβερνητικοί δημόσιοι εκπρόσωποι θα καθησυχάσουν τις φοβισμένες και έκπληκτοι μάζες που "όλες οι συνταγματικές προστασίες παραμένουν στη θέση τους".
Οι γιατροί περιστροφών στο Λευκό Οίκο, φυσικά, θα καθησυχάσουν καθησυχαστικά τους ανησυχούντες πολίτες ότι το νέο σύστημα έχει σχεδιαστεί για να τους «προστατεύει» από άγριες πράξεις διεθνών και εγχώριων τρομοκρατών, όπως συνέβη στις βομβιστικές επιθέσεις του Παγκόσμιου Εμπορικού Κέντρου της Οκλαχόμα και της Νέας Υόρκης. Το κοινό πρέπει να πιστέψει ότι "ο Λ.Κ.Κ.Ι.Ι. είναι για το δικό σας καλό και όποιος λέει διαφορετικά είναι είτε συνωμοσία ή επικίνδυνος αντι-κυβερνητικός διαδηλωτής".
Ο Θεός προειδοποίησε ότι αυτή η μέρα θα έρθει!

Η Βίβλος προέβλεπε ότι ένα τελικό σύστημα Beast 666 Universal Human Control System θα χρησιμοποιηθεί για τον έλεγχο και την υποδούλωση της ανθρωπότητας: "Ότι κανένας άνθρωπος δεν μπορεί να αγοράσει ή να πουλήσει, εκτός από τον άνθρωπο που είχε το σήμα ή το όνομα του θηρίου ή τον αριθμό το όνομά του "(Αποκάλυψη 13:17). Έτσι, ήξερα ότι έρχεται. Τώρα, τέλος, είναι εδώ, όπως προφητεύτηκε!


Αιρετικόν άνθρωποThe schismatics and heretics must read more carefully Bible and history Orthodox Church before come teach us properly faithful to the Bible or anything else.Nothing farther to sayν μετά μίαν και δευτέραν νουθεσίαν παραιτού» (Απ. Παύλος Τίτ. Γ10). 

Προσευχή στους Αγίους

Η προσευχή στους Αγίους ενθαρρύνεται από την Ορθόδοξη Εκκλησία. Γιατί; Επειδή ο φυσικός θάνατος δεν είναι μια ήττα για έναν Χριστιανό. Πρόκειται για ένα ένδοξο πέρασμα στον ουρανό. Ο Χριστιανός δεν παύει να αποτελεί μέρος της Εκκλησίας στο θάνατο. Θεός φυλάξτε! Ούτε έχει παραμεριστεί, αδρανής μέχρι την ημέρα της κρίσης.


Book of all heretics A scripture book of all heretics = because it can not be properly interpreted, such as the eschatological orientation of the Pentecostal prophecy directly linked to another oppressive psychological manifestation, which is the rapture of the Church of Christ before the arrival of the Antichrist according to their claims . With Church serum definitely means themselves 
Τιμούμε τους αγίους, δεν λατρεύουμε-δεν πηγαίνουμε στον παράδεισο, απλώς παραδεχόμενοι ότι πιστεύουμε στον Ιησού. Αυτή είναι οι Πεντηκοστιανές παραισθήσεις. Οι διάβολοι πιστεύουν επίσης και παραδέχονται το ίδιο. Ξυπνήστε και μάθετε την αλήθεια από ορθόδοξους We honor the saints,not worship.

Holy Orthodox Faith

God honors the desires of those who diligently seek Him. This is why so many are coming out of Protestantism and entering the Holy Orthodox Faith.ORTHODOX TRUTH Dont make the mistake We live in the end of time, The devil has build a massive prophets on earth to speak in the name of Christ, to confuse us and to drag us out from the orthodox Church. and to strip us from our weapons which ORTHODOXY CAN PROVIDE TO US . The Holy Spirit will not operate outside the orthodox Church. You can say what ever you want but the day You die and you stand before the Throne of our Lord than you will find out about the Truth and than its too late. READ ORTHODOX BOOKS,SEEK THE TRUTH,AND WILL BE REVEAL TO YOU

believe in the reincarnation?

How do these events happen to children? With false memories:

1: A young child is asleep.

2: False past memories of life are placed in the mind of the child.

3: The child wakes up and thinks that he is actually someone else. The child thinks so: "I was another in my previous life, one day I died and I was born again, I had another family, I was a husband and three children, we lived in Bangkok."

4: This kid tells them to adults. This child is not, nor does it show the location of the old family home, etc. These are checked and confirmed.

5: Some older people believe it. They then publish books that support the doctrine of reincarnation.

6: People believe in the reincarnation of his tricks, DEVILS.


2 Corinthians 2: 11
so that we can not exult * from Satan, because we do not ignore his plans. *

This method is similar to the appearance of special dreams. Demons use small children for it. Because it is more convenient to persuade people. Adults are not very suitable because they start to question it. They have lived for many years and have not had such memories, and suddenly such memories appear. This situation is not very convincing. In addition, other people can not believe what these people say. They may think they are liars. On the other hand, young children are naive and can not lie and adults know it. In addition, young children have no doubts about these memories and can easily believe it. Moreover, the events and people at the place they describe are not fantastic.

In fact, false memories are even formed in the minds of adults. For example, some people have a mental problem and go to a therapist. If not all, some therapists use hypnosis as a therapeutic tool. They want to see the subconscious think that the psychological problems caused by an event in the past. Thus, hypnosis is applied to the patient. Hypnosis and meditation are the same thing. The difference is this: Meditation is done on its own, and hypnosis is done with the help of someone else. This is not the last stop. These are a transition phase when entering a trance. Trance is the last stop and there is a cinema next to the last stop. Three-dimensional movies are played. So the name of the movie is DREAM THEATER. Because the three-dimensional movies look so real.

Meanwhile, what happened to the patient? The patient passed? The patient has now gone to this cinema. The patient is currently moving to the film. The patient sees her own life in the film. She went to her childhood. Now live some of the worst events. That suffices, now it is starting to turn for the moment. The process was completed. False bad memories have been stored in mind. Trans is over. The patient was sleep-awakened. He is now alert.

Weak and Therapis True, because it was not in your subconscious before. We recorded them during ecstasy. We've added them to torture you.
Christ has conquered death, not by liberation from the body, but by the resurrection and immortality of the bodies. The doctrine of karma and reincarnation cancels the mystery of Christ salvation. The Elder, the eternal Judge will stand in man not only as a soul but also as the doctrine of reincarnation that negatively evaluates the body, it simply does not invalidate the hope of Christ, but also the sense of divine worship, the main purpose of the Eucharist - what is the point to suffer in this life if you have I do not remember the previous la is your life, what is the benefit to you in this life and should come again, having the same
Fundamental principles in Buddhism-Karma in Buddhism and the orthodox perspective - this nonsense of karma come and come again Only the quality, that is, the social environment, the physical appearance and the mental abilities of a person are determined by the acts of previous beings, but now his actions. If you see that other people are suffering and you are able to help, you do not focus on their karmic past but on your karmic opportunity here: Someday you may find yourself in the same situation as they are now, so here is your chance to act with the way you would like to act upon you when that day comes. It is not fatalism In Buddhism, regeneration is part of the continuous process of change. In fact, we are not born again only at the time of death, born and reborn every moment. However, the Bible did not talk about karma but about the judgment of God. The complete biblical verse is: Do not be fooled, God does not fret; for whatever sow he will also reap. - Galatians 6: 7). The concept of karma is nothing more than a wicked attempt to enter the physics laws of the soul and so the fans believe they depend on the guru for their liberation. Young Agers want to report karma as the law of personal responsibility, when in fact it is the opposite, a mechanism that allows one to behave as he wishes, fully aware that at some future date everything will be balanced and no fundamentalharm has because the young Agers believe that karma law could not work with full force during a single lifetime, suggest a long series of lives over which Souls' souls "work from its evil karma . The ultimate result, supposedly, of this long evolutionary process is God-realization, the great illumination in which the soul eventually becomes god. Hence, reincarnation is marketed as a flawless self-control mechanism, so disparities and imperfections in a person are gradually refined and eliminated. This deceptive philosophy is designed to ensure that no one makes a serious effort to their personal salvation, since, as New Agers claim, everyone is saved from the beginning, so does a Savior need? Again, Lucifer achieves an important goal when he takes someone to accept this threatening philosophy. The New Age movement has tried different ways to market reincarnation among Christians. Leading among them is hypnotic regression, where the subject is placed in a situation that is innocent and is caused to remember episodes from his "previous lives". This is an extremely clever trick as hypnosis, by its very nature, exposes the subject to demonic effects. Therefore, the implantation of "memories" is easy. Young Agers also want to report cases of children who remember their previous lives. This is extremely unpleasant, as children are very tempting and able to accept all kinds of myths and stories as part of their personal reality. If they are members of a family inclined to the occult, the child may also be exposed to an uncertain spirit and implanted with "memories" based on a verifiable event
The doctrine of Karma and reincarnation
Christ defeated killing, not by deliverance from the body, but also with the resurrection and immortality of the body. The doctrine of Karma and Reincarnation cancels the mystery of Christ's salvation. While the eternal Judge will stand not only the soul, but also as one body, the doctrine of reincarnation, which evaluates negatively the body, not only cancels the hope in Christ, but also the feeling of divine worship, the basic purpose of the Divine Eucharist, what is the point to suffer in this life, if you have no objection, which is the benefit of you in this life, and it will have to come again, having it, which for for a moment these are things of the devil, who wants to distract you attention from the truth


Sunday, April 7, 2019

Coming soon

Cyprus my country will be free from Turkish invasion after the coming war between Greece and Turkey.Turkey will invade in Aegean sea and that's their last move.Other countries will react to this move after a while with first RUSSIA.Turkey as always getting used to the barbarian way will not pay attention,And the result will be....EUROPE=Will give some days with no reaction Russia with the help of one other country who wishes to do some shoping with Turkish land,Will be having a disagrement to which country must have Constantinople to their teritory,Thus the city of Constantinople will go to their previous  owner which is Greece

Saturday, February 23, 2019

let's learn some truths

But the Church that the Lord Jesus Christ founded and received by the Apostles and continues to be preserved to date only in Orthodoxy has not been made by human effort such as those of the West, and we can not therefore add or remove anything in dialogues from This one.
ALBERT PAIK "The Third World War must be flown by taking advantage of the Illuminati" Agentur "disputes between Zionist politicians and Islamic world leaders. The war should be conducted in such a way that Islam the Muslim Arab World) and political Zionism (the state of Israel) to be destroyed altogether ... "
People have to remain subdued, and even to one person! The only thing they do not say is that the letters of his name are summed up to give 666 !!!
The first step to exterminating a nation is to erase its memory. Destroy his books, his culture, his story. Then you can get someone to write new books, build a new education, devise a new story. It will not take long for this nation to begin to forget ... who it is and what it was. The rest of the world around him will forget it even more quickly. "CHURCH OF JESUS ​​CHRIST HELES WITH
do not let anything hidden in the Church of God go to the corner, in the image of Christ to cry and then to the spiritual faithfully to confess and not leave anything hidden inside you in your soul = At ​​least the people go to a Spiritual to confess , to leave the demonic effect, so they can think a bit. Now they can not even think of the demonic effect. Repentance, confession, cuts the right of the devil. There is nothing left hidden in the Church of God to go to kneel, forward with the image of Christ shouting to mourn and then Spiritually believe in YOUR AMENDMENT Leave nothing hidden "to the soul This is the pentecostal heresy when I hear people say that they are saved only because they ... recognize that they believe in Jesus. "The devils also believe - Protestantism = the
Protestantism began as a protest against the papal Cacodes and became a religion. It broke into thousands of heresies contradictory to each other and spread across the earth in one form or another. It is the work of the devil TODAY
And the devil, exploiting the revival of the times and the indifference of the Christian for his spiritual salvation, works hard to eliminate the work of the Orthodox Church. For this purpose he again tries to apply his sophisticated and abhorrent plan, the scourge of the lie of the Churches. But which of the churches? The symbol of faith and history teaches that the Church is "one, holy, universal and apostolic," this is the Lord's Secret Body, which is found only in the Orthodox Church.
Satan never praises the triad
Satan never praises the Trinity and all Elisha True Christians are what he believes in the Trinity. Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He received and confessed that Christ is the Son of God, the God-man Jesus, Emmanuel, and he is the Savior and the Redeemer of mankind. It is baptized in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit and is anointed with Christ, symbolizing the gifts and gifts of the Holy Spirit. The doctrine of Karma and Reincarnation
Christ defeated killing, not by deliverance from the body, but also with the resurrection and immortality of the body. The doctrine of Karma and Reincarnation cancels the mystery of Christ's salvation. While the eternal Judge will stand not only the soul, but also as one body, the doctrine of reincarnation, which evaluates negatively the body, not only cancels the hope in Christ, but also the feeling of divine worship, the basic purpose of the Divine Eucharist, what is the point to suffer in this life, if you have no objection, which is the benefit of you in this life, and it will have to come again, having it, which for for a moment these are things of the devil, who wants to distract you attention from the truth

Saturday, February 16, 2019

The true light light comes only from the Orthodox Church

The claim that Christians will escape the Great Tribulation because they will be kidnapped before the appearance of the Antichrist is also not founded on the Bible. The truth is that Christians will go through the Great Tribulation and the period of rule of the Antichrist. This is clearly proclaimed by the Bible. The Pentecostals of the "Elefthera", false teachings, that the rapture of the Christians will take place before the coming of Antichrist, and therefore leaves people unprepared, so that those hard days, find themselves surprised and even lead them to accept the Antichrist instead of the Lord Jesus Christ as they will wait for the Lord, not the lawless. In the 5 centuries that passed from Luther to today, the Orthodox Church was justified. Protestantism was broken down into thousands of different, often opposing (dogmatic) groups. However, each group insists that it does not escape the doctrine of the Bible, and accepts only what the Bible says, nothing less, and nothing more. Faith without works is dead true faith can not there is no work. Who truly believes, that one will certainly do and good work. The light the true light, comes only from the Orthodox Church - You should all come and join, in orthodoxy, and leave all the heretical preachers of other doctrines, since you realise that the the real god is orthodox, as we can see from the holy light, delivered only to the orthodoxy for so many years. Salvation occurs when a person acknowledges their guilt of sin before God, believing on Jesus, the Christ, the Son of God, forgiving their sins. Genuine faith includes, including water baptism, Holy Eucharist, confession, - good works, church membership, et cetera. Salvation of the Lord. Jesus is the only way to Heaven. NOT THE JESUS ​​OF HERETIC PENTECOSTALS - The true light light comes only from the Orthodox Church

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The Pentecostal False Wonders

The Pentecostal will do false miracles because the devils know what the real truth is ... They try to get you out of Orthodoxy = The devil sometimes controls the personality of a person, The Pentecostal will do false miracles because the devils know what the real truth is ... they are trying to get you out of Orthodoxy
 Do not let him deceive you-and after the interference of a Pentecostal pastor will show you that the person it is possessed by a demonic entity is now free from him = demon, do not let them fool you Deception is the Devil's drug that drags those deluded by it into bondage & destruction!
But God's truth sets men free and holding on to truth is worth the struggle!
The greatest threat to the church is not loss of comfort or freedom; it is deception.
Matthew 24: 3-14 While He was sitting on the Mount of Olives, the disciples approached Him privately and said, "Tell us, when will these things happen? And what is the sign of Your coming and the end of the age? "Then Jesus replied to them:" Watch out that no one deceives you. For many will come in My name, saying, 'I am the Messiah,' and they will deceive many. You are going to hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not alarmed, because these things must take place, but the end is not yet. For the nation shall rise up against the nation, and the kingdom against the kingdom. There will be famines, and earthquakes in various places. All these events are the beginning of birth pains. "Then they will hand you over for persecution, and they will kill you. You will be hated by all nations because of My name. Then many will take offense, betray one another and hate one another. Many false prophets will rise up and deceive many. Because lawlessness will multiply, the love of many will grow cold. But the one who endures to the end will be delivered. This good news of the kingdom will be proclaimed in all the world as a testimony to all nations. And then the end will come.
God warns us over and over again ... "Be NOT deceived"
 Deception is not "ignorance of truth."
John 8: 30-32 As he was saying these things, many believed in Him. So Jesus said to the Jews who believed Him, "If you continue in My Word, you really are My disciples. You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. "
 Deception is much more dangerous than knowing the truth.
Ignorance is a passive danger; deception is an active danger.
Ignorance keeps you moving ... deception moves you in the wrong direction.
Deception is being wrong with confidence. It's been convinced of a lie!
The art of deception is the manipulation of what is true. What is manipulated truth? A lie!
Jesus warned us ... we have a crafty enemy, whose schemes we should vigilantly be on guard against. His # 1 tactic is manipulation of the truth and Jesus calls this enemy the father of lies.
John 8:44 - He (the Devil) was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks and lies, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies.
This message is designed to help you recognize Satan's lies so you will not be deceived.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019


When the body, as consisting of many parts, becomes ill, it has the need for various medicines… The soul, on the other hand, being incorporeal, is simple and not complex, and when it becomes ill, only one medicine can help it — that is the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ (St. Simeon the New Theologian).

Orthodox Christianity preaches the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, which means that he conquered sin and death for us. Having tasted death for all, Christ lives forever. He will resurrect all our dead bodies on the last day and reunite them with our souls.

If indeed, as Ephesians suggests, 'we' are chosen in Him before the foundation of the world, then if 'you' live multiple lives ... which 'you' resurrects?-Certainly not all of 'you' ... this would create two simultaneous instances of the same thing, which Aquinas has demonstrated is not 'good'. Also, if 'you' are perfected, how many perfects can there be?

Οι άθεοι που μισούν τον Θεό δεν είναι άθεοι! σατανιστές - Ο Ιησούς πέθανε για σένα και σ 'αγαπάει πάρα πολύ. Θεός δεν αναγνωρίζει τις συμβάσεις που κάνατε με τον Σατανά. Μετανοείτε. Αρχηγός σας είναι απλά μια πήδηξε επάνω δημιουργήθηκε ον. Εβραίοι - Ex-μουσουλμάνοι που γίνονται Χριστιανός δεν καλούνται μεσσιανική μουσουλμάνοι. Καθολικοί, αγάλματα που αιμορραγούν δεν είναι θαύματα. Οι άνθρωποι που έχουν επουλωθεί και αναστήθηκε από τους νεκρούς είναι θαύματα.

Freemasons είναι καθαρή illuminati σατανισμό είναι πραγματική και ζητούν τον έλεγχο του κόσμου. Προσέξτε παιδιά βλέπουν ό, τι κάνετε πήραν τον έλεγχο της τράπεζας / χρήματα και οι νόμοι και η αστυνομία και ο στρατός είμαστε ποντίκια σε ένα κλουβί

το illuminati είναι ένας οργανισμός μέσα τους μασόνους είναι τόσο κακό, αλλά η διαφορά είναι το illuminati είναι ισχυρότερη από ό, τι τους μασόνους επειδή ελέγχουν τις freemasons

Ο ισχυρισμός ότι οι χριστιανοί θα γλιτώσουν την Μεγάλη Θλίψη, επειδή θα αρπαγούν πριν την εμφάνιση του Αντίχριστου, επίσης δεν θεμελιώνεται από την Βίβλο. Η αλήθεια είναι πως οι χριστιανοί θα περάσουν μέσα από την Μεγάλη Θλίψη και την περίοδο κυριαρχίας του Αντίχριστου. Αυτό διακηρύττει καθαρά η Αγία Γραφή

Η Ορθοδοξία είναι αυτή που φυλάσσει ανόθευτο το ευαγγέλιο του Θεού και αυτήν πρέπει να ασπαστείτε και να ακολουθήσετε, αν πραγματικά με θέλετε & με αγαπάτε.

Antichrist evil spirit nowadays, knowing that the final time for the Antichrist and his devils are close, he is doing everything possible to deceive man, by many manifestations, Aiming Virgin Mary and Saints of God.


!H prevalence of Antichrist forces, will become the Satanists when they dropped the "rain of fire",ie after the 3rd World War and the devastation that would occur from the powerful weapons, nuclear and otherwise. In fact, it will not prevail Antichrist but rather suspended bad for several years. Just this war will scare the world to lead a hasty solution to a global government, when it will start again later to make weapons of various states. We will then blackmail the world by Satan, so for the sake of peace threatened to be elected as a World leader the Antichrist. And it is noticed in our time that those who destroy peace are those who want the New World Order ...and "peace"!

προφητεύουν και φωνάζουν για μια ενωμένη οικονομία, μια συγκεντρωτική κυβέρνηση, ένα μοναδικό άτομο"... λέει ο Alan Greenspan Δηλαδή αλοιώς εμφανίζεται το προϊόν από το "εργοστάσιο" και αλοιώς μας το παρουσιάζουν τα 2α χέρια μεταπώλησης, οι πολιτικοί! Οι τελευταίοι υποκριτικά το ονομάζουν δημοκρατικό, ελεύθερο, ειρηνικό κλπ, αλλά οι ανώτεροί τους αποκαλύπτουν ότι κάτι πολύ χειρότερο έχουν σαν όραμα (προφητεύουν!) για μετά. Οι άνθρωποι πρέπει να μείνουν υποταγμένοι, και μάλιστα σε ένα μόνο άτομο! Το μόνο που δεν λένε είναι ότι πρέπει τα γράμματα του ονόματός του αθροιζόμενα να δίνουν σαν αποτέλεσμα το 666 !!!

Όπου δεν υπάρχει αληθινή ταπείνωση, εκεί δεν υπάρχουν γνήσιες πνευματικές εμπειρίες. Όπου υπάρχει υπεροψία, εκεί βασιλεύει το πνεύμα της πλάνης, όχι το πνεύμα της αληθείας (Ιακ. δ' 6. Α' Πέτρ. ε' 5). Το πνεύμα της πλάνης είναι υπερήφανο. Η ταπεινή ψυχή παρακαλεί τον Θεό να της δώσει κατάνυξη και συναίσθηση της αμαρτωλότητός της, ακόμη και εάν ο Κύριος την ανεβάζει καθημερινά και της δείχνει ποικιλοτρόπως την αγάπη Του.

The criminal global elite have decided there are too many of us, especially since they have realised that we are waking up to their criminal activities. The reduction of humanity is what sustainable development is really all about. Sustainable development is a cover for AGENDA 21. If you do not know what Agenda 21 is about I suggest for your family's safety you find out.

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Πώς μπορούμε να αναπτύξουμε νέους νευρώνες στον εγκέφαλο

Μπορούμε να ελέγξουμε τη νευρογένεση; Η απάντηση είναι, ναι. Και τώρα θα κάνουμε ένα μικρό κουίζ. Θα σας δώσω μια ομάδα συμπεριφορών και δραστηριοτήτων, και θα μου πείτε αν πιστεύετε ότι θα αυξήσουν τη νευρογένεση ή αν θα τη μειώσουν. Είμαστε έτοιμοι; Εντάξει, πάμε.
Τι λέτε για τη μάθηση; Αυξάνει; Ναι. Η μάθηση θα αυξήσει την παραγωγή νέων νευρώνων.
Τι λέτε για το στρες? Ναι, το στρες θα μειώσει την παραγωγή νευρώνων στον ιππόκαμπο.
Και η στέρηση ύπνου; Πράγματι θα μειώσει τη νευρογένεση.
Το σεξ; Ναι, έχετε δίκιο, θα αυξήσει την παραγωγή νευρώνων. Ωστόσο, εδώ είναι θέμα ισορροπίας. Δεν θέλουμε να καταλήξουμε σε κατάσταση -όπου το πολύ σεξ θα οδηγήσει σε στέρηση ύπνου.
Τι πιστεύετε για τη γήρανσηΤο επίπεδο νευρογένεσης μειώνεται καθώς γερνάμε, αλλά ακόμη υφίσταται.
Τέλος, τι λέτε για το τρέξιμο; Θα σας αφήσω να το κρίνετε μόνοι σας.
Είναι μία από τις πρώτες μελέτες που έκανε ένας από τους μέντορές μου, ο Ράστι Γκέιτζ στο Ινστιτούτο Σάλκ, που δείχνει ότι το περιβάλλον μπορεί να έχει επίδραση στην παραγωγή νέων νευρώνων. Κι εδώ βλέπετε μια τομή του ιππόκαμπου σε ένα ποντίκι που δεν είχε κυλιόμενο τροχό στο κλουβί του. και οι μικρές μαύρες κουκκίδες που βλέπετε είναι νεοφυείς νευρώνες. Τώρα βλέπετε τομή του ιππόκαμπου σε ποντίκι που είχε κυλιόμενο τροχό στο κλουβί του. Έτσι βλέπετε την τεράστια αύξηση στους νέους μελλοντικούς νευρώνες.
Έτσι η δραστηριότητα επηρεάζει τη νευρογένεση αλλά όχι μόνο. Ό,τι τρώτε έχει αντίκτυπο στην παραγωγή νέων νευρώνων στον ιππόκαμπο. Εδώ έχουμε δείγμα διατροφής με θρεπτικά συστατικά που φάνηκαν να έχουν αύξηση της απόδοσης. Θα σας τονίσω μόνο μερικά: Περιορισμός των θερμίδων κατά 20-30% θα αυξήσει τη νευρογένεσηΤα κανονικά διαστήματα μεταξύ των γευμάτων θα αυξήσουν τη νευρογένεση. Η πρόσληψη φλαβονοειδών, που περιέχονται στη μαύρη σοκολάτα ή στα βατόμουρα, θα αυξήσει τη νευρογένεση. Τα Ωμέγα-3 λιπαρά οξέα, που βρίσκουμε σε λιπαρά ψάρια, όπως ο σολομός, θα αυξήσουν την παραγωγή αυτών των νευρώνων. Αντίθετα, διατροφή πλούσια σε κεκορεσμένα λιπαρά θα έχει αρνητική επίδραση στη νευρογένεση. Η αιθανόλη -η πρόσληψη αλκοόλ- θα μειώσει τη νευρογένεση. Ωστόσο, δε χάνονται όλα· Η ρεζερβατρόλη, που βρίσκεται στο κόκκινο κρασί, έδειξε ότι προάγει την επιβίωση των νέων νευρώνων. Έτσι την επόμενη φορά που θα πάτε σε πάρτι μάλλον πρέπει να προτιμήσετε αυτό το «ουδέτερο για τη νευρογένεση» ποτό.
Να σας δείξω και ένα τελευταίο - ένα ιδιόμορφο. Οι Γιαπωνέζοι εντυπωσιάζονται από την υφή των τροφών και απέδειξαν ότι όντως οι μαλακές τροφές μειώνουν τη νευρογένεση σε αντίθεση με τις τροφές που απαιτούν μάσηση, ή οι τραγανές τροφές.
Όλα λοιπόν αυτά τα δεδομένα, που ερευνούμε σε κυτταρικό επίπεδο, προήλθαν από τη χρήση ζωικών μοντέλων. Αυτή η διατροφή όμως εφαρμόστηκε και σε ανθρώπους που συμμετείχαν, και είδαμε ότι η τροφή έχει στη μνήμη και τη διάθεση ανάλογη επίδραση όπως και στη νευρογένεση, δηλαδή: μείωση θερμίδων θα βελτιώσει την ικανότητα μνήμης, ενώ διατροφή με υψηλά λιπαρά χειροτερεύει τα συμπτώματα της κατάθλιψης αντίθετα με τα Ωμέγα-3 λιπαρά οξέα, που αυξάνουν τη νευρογένεση, και επίσης βοηθούν να μειώσουμε τα συμπτώματα της κατάθλιψης. Έτσι πιστεύουμε ότι η επίδραση της διατροφής στην πνευματική υγεία, στη μνήμη και τη διάθεση ουσιαστικά παρεμβαίνει στην παραγωγή νέων νευρώνων στον ιππόκαμπο. Και δεν είναι μόνον ό,τι τρώτε αλλά επίσης η υφή του φαγητού, πότε το τρώτε και πόσο από αυτό τρώτε.
Από την πλευρά μας, οι νευροεπιστήμονες που ερευνούμε τη νευρογένεση, πρέπει να κατανοήσουμε καλύτερα τη λειτουργία αυτών των νευρώνων, και πώς μπορούμε να ελέγξουμε την επιβίωση και την παραγωγή τους. και να βρούμε τρόπο να προστατεύσουμε τη νευρογένεση στους ασθενείς του Ρόμπερτ. Από τη δική σας πλευρά - αφήνω εσάς να φροντίσετε για τη δική σας νευρογένεση.
Dr Sandrine Thuret , PhD | TED Talks

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Οι άνθρωποι δεν απορρίπτουν την Γραφή επειδή αντιφάσκει τάχα με τον εαυτό της, αλλά επειδή αντιφάσκει με τη ζωή τους.

My Lord Jesus, I acknowledge that up till now I have governed my life. I admit/confess that I am a sinner. Now I open my heart to You and I accept you as my Saviour and Lord. I thank you that you loved me and sacrificied yourself for me. I want you, from now on, to govern my life. Make me the person you want. I thank you that you have heard me. Amen.


"Heretical man after the first and a second admonition" (St. Paul Tit. C10). The Orthodox, however, insist partake constantly gatherings heretics And of course there are the Apostolic rules stipulate that it should not we have spiritual intercourse with them, for anyone who did not understand any previous passages of Scripture

Pentecostals "freedom", falsely teach that the rapture of Christians will be done before the advent of the Antichrist, and thus leaves people unprepared so hard those days to find a surprise, even to lead them to accept the Antichrist instead of the Lord Jesus Christ, as we await the Lord, and not the lawless.

There is no evidence to show that homosexuality is inherited but rather important role played by the family education and early child relationships with people who care. Homosexuality as a sexual practice is a serious sin for Christian ethics and disapproved of the gospel and the church.

At 5 centuries gone by Luther until now, the Orthodox Church was vindicated. Protestantism splintered into thousands of different, and often opposite (doctrinal) between the groups. Yet each group insists that escapes from the doctrine of the Holy Scripture, and that it accepts only what the Bible says, nothing less, and nothing more.

μόνο ο ταπεινός μπορεί να λάβει τη χάρη του θεού-only the humble can receive the grace of god

ONE WAY = "I am the way, the Truth and the Life" (John 14:6) Remember ... our Savior Jesus Christ and His Apostles and has warned that even if an angel were to come and preach "another gospel "to reject it, and let and teaching is" anathema "(damned eternally). Elsewhere we have warned about false prophets, false apostles, false brethren and false Christ's and 40,000 + ... today, sects / ideologies" Christian "does exactly that, to teach a false doctrine that promotes a false Christ and other" way "

Thursday, November 15, 2018

If man does not have the belief in his heart that he is a sinner, God does not listen to him - He will be asked to account for not every reason and act, but also every year, even for every moment and minute of the hour. gives God, has no power envy, and when he does not give, no power is the trouble - And the wicked man is disturbing and afflicting the soul as much as he wants but as long as God allows it - Let us win the souls with the graces, let us give of the existing to the poor, to become rich in heavenly goods-Nobody and what Municipalities not to frighten. And even if enemies, demons and ungodly people are innumerable, our defender is stronger-God, who knows the potentials of people, also allows the devil's power to act differently in every person-Injustice is a great sin. All sins have attenuators - Prayer does not need a certain attitude, some places and times, but brave and sober wisdom

Wednesday, November 14, 2018


It is a sign of the current spiritual crisis that modern humans, with all their proud enlightenment and wisdom, know again such experiences - but they no longer have the Christian infrastructure to interpret them with it. Modern UFO researchers, seeking an explanation for the phenomena that have become very noticeable in this respect, have collaborated with today's psychic researchers in an effort to form a "unified field theory" that includes both psychological and material phenomena. But as the researchers continue to approach only the modern "enlightened" man and trust the scientific observations to give answers to a spiritual field that can not be approached absolutely "objectively" but only by faith. The natural world is morally neutral and can be relatively well-known to an objective observer. but the invisible spiritual kingdom includes the good and bad beings, and an "objective" observer does not have the means to distinguish one from the other unless he accepts the revelation that this invisible God has become for these people. Thus, UFO researchers today place divine inspiration in the Bible at the same level as the automatically inspired Satanic writing of spiritualism and make no distinction between the action of angels and demons. Many recent UFO studies by the Evangelical Protestants gather all these facts and conclude that UFO phenomena are simply demonic. * It is difficult to come to a different conclusion Orthodox Christian researcher. Some or many of the experiences may be the result of fraud or illusions. but it's just impossible to discard one of the many thousands of UFO appearances this way. A large number of modern media and intellectual phenomena are also illusory. but the spiritualism of the mentumist, when it is genuine, produces truly "paranormal" phenomena within the action of the demons. UFO phenomena, which have the same source, are no less true. Today, the dark powers of Satan called Aliens, or something negative beings. the dark powers of Satan called Aliens or something negative. They are the bodies of Satan

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Satan and his demons have supernatural powers.

Satan and his demons have supernatural powers.  They have the power to induce hallucinations and demonic manifestations.

Demon spirits have existed since before man.  They know details of earlier people's lives.

It is true that no person currently alive could have known details of the lives of people who lived in previous centuries.  But the same demons that were alive then are still alive now.  They saw what particular people did, how they felt, etc., they know the names of their friends, etc.