Monday, May 27, 2013


People do not REJECT IT Because the Bible contradicts Supposedly with Itself, but Because IT contradicts Their Lives. 
can not Touch the Heart of your fellow MAN with Nothing else but only with your heart.-IT Appeared When the final Antichrist Will say: "I am the Imam (Muslim expecting), I am the fifth Buddha (for Buddhists), I am the Christ (which expecting Christians), I expect that he Iachovades, I am the Messiah of the Jews! "I will have five (= )! 29 is why I. .. In new book, Pope Benedict XVI personally exempts Jews from allegations that they were responsible for killing Jesus Christ aposeiontas while the notion of "collective guilt of the Jews," which haunts centuries of Christian relations with them.You have the right to shoot yourself as low as you want and lift it again whenever you want me. Remember, however, that only you have this right-The first step to destroy a nation is to erase its memory. Destroy the books, its culture, its history. After you put somebody write new books, manufacture a new culture, to invent a new history. It will not take long to start this nation to forget Fr ..DIC is and what was. The world around it will forget even faster. "Albert Pike" The Third World War must be eroded by taking advantage of the differences caused by the "Agentur" of the "Illuminati" between the political Zionists and the leaders of the Islamic world. War should be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Muslim Arab World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) to alllokatastrafoun .... The Elder Paisios the Athonite:
"They gather and Meet and make Endless Discussions about things That do not Fit Debate, NOR So Fathers debated for many years. All These Actions are Evil, to stun and to scandalize the Faithful and to push Others Into HERESY and schism in others, and gaining the devil.The gradual removal of the purity of Orthodoxy has begun with the support of politicians, but also a portion of the university establishment, which allows or promotes sophisticated solutions to overcome the strong doctrinal foundations of Orthodoxy, for the sake of vanity men's pan-religion and Neotaxikon interests. "Heretical man after one and second admonition" (St. Paul Tit. C10). But the Orthodox insist continually partake in meetings heretics And of course there are the Apostolic rules state that we have not imposed spiritual contact with them, for which they may not understand the previous passages of Scripture-The jews possess nearly all of the media sources and control all of the politicians which places every American squarely under the yoke of world judaism. Thru financial control? the jews have used the USA to hijack the world monetary system, perpetrate the holocaust lies, steal Palestine, perform 55 million abortions .. the illuminati is an organization inside the freemasons they are both evil but the difference is the illuminati is stronger than the freemasons because they control the freemasons-Freemasons is Pure Satanism Illuminati is Real and they Seek Control of the World. Watch out Guys See Everything they do they you GOT Control Over the Bank / money and Laws Also the Police and the Army we are rats in cage A.-When dropped the "rain of fire", ie after the 3rd World War and devastation that will occur from the powerful weapons, nuclear or otherwise. In fact, you will not prevail Antichrist, but will suspend its bad for several years.-Atheists Hate God Who are Not atheists!
Satanists - Jesus died for you and Loves you TOO.
recognise God does Not Made you any contracts with Satan. repent. Your Leader is Just A jumped up created Being.
Jews - Ex-Muslims Who are Not Become called Christian Messianic Muslims.
Catholics, Statues bleed That are Not David Rockefeller = FRIEND OF THE DEVIL Approximately 40 years. Would It BE impossible for U.S. N 'Develop our Plan for the World IF we were exposed to the Limelight All These years. But the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. A supranational leadership of the intellectual elite OF 666Miracles. People being healed and raised from the dead are miracles.-Many Freemasons on the lower grades are actually very pleased to being members. It is a tight "belonging-feeling" and they will learn a few secrets of this universe, which are not taught in school,. One Freemason said: "Beside my wife, Freemasonry is the most important thing in my life. .. "His wife, by the way, must never know anything about what her husband is doing within the society-, In order to answer God to our request and give us ask him that, first of all, to have humility, which we do not have. All of us, young and old, we are very selfish and do not accept suggestions and comments. All we know, we are all wise. When gripped our selfishness, small issue, big brawl. -

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