Monday, May 27, 2013


"In the end times, Hell Will BE filled by new."  
repentance Will BE Very important to the youth When Evil Come to A Head, and IT HAS been Predicted, but Generally Will Come slowly. Many Young People Have Lost ...  Hopefully 
by we are Orthodox, to Receive from God the Strength to resist Evil Time.
Our Support to the new order and the Jumble of Intellectual Perversions of FACT is Apostasy from God. Then told the Fathers people will not tolerate to hear the cheers teaching of God, and will be diverted to myths. Many now speak for New Era for UFOs, for Hollow Earth, worlds in stars with higher culture, etc. All this, however, leave behind a trace true: Behind the hidden demonic influences so nilly man of our day is not can only be tripped over methodically evil forces. IF you do not Know Anything right for Them, How Would you Address Them;
Deal When according to Orthodox Christian Teaching Parent Or Someone new to Tackle the really Big problem of Modern Satanic Enforcement while in Office Will Come and terrify the Wicked Spirits terminology etc, though not at the focus of evil. Because the Truth is Christ and his teachings, while lies and deceit have too many forms, and as the darkness where there is light, so too are anything contrary to reason and God's will. So not good looking one in the endless darkness of evil. Interest only to know well now is the truth from God's word, which is the sun of equity, to begin upon to discern what is light and what is dark, what is right and what is wrong. So Look at the Facts and compare with Them A FEW Simple words of Scripture, and EXPLANATORY of the Church Fathers.
Politicians now the Western World, taken from Religious Point of View, seem Incredibly Enslaved to the dictates of Satanists.Perhaps Because obeying the Goat -footed MATS who runs through the Masonic lodges, they put the Law of God and the Church, particularly in Orthodox Greece, because it is the only one that resists satanist plans. Promote International Laws zealously Opposed to the Commandments of God, and the consciousness of the Religious People, Because IT Requires the "progress" Towards Disaster.  The Phenomenon is global, Because now HAS Freemasonry spread and erode the Entire Planet, and Because communication is Rapid transmission of instructions to each local ruler in every corner of the planet, that all combined together to be able to offer the Antichrist, the longed for this global power.

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