Wednesday, January 28, 2015


 This starts from the observation that supposedly nowadays there is not a church that is fully preserve the truth of the doctrine of Christ. That no church does not hold an absolute degree of knowledge of the mystery of the holy, charismatic Christian life in moral and ascetic level. That many of the churches, called Christian, have "equal grace," and therefore must bring about the union of the churches by a common denominator for all. One of the most frequently asked questions, you happen to face, is the question of who is saved and who is not. These people usually think that saved not only the Orthodox (in accordance with the teaching of the Orthodox Church) or only the Catholic (according to the teaching of Catholic), but all righteous people who believe in Christ. This view came from the Protestants and believers of other churches. There are many among the Orthodox, supported this view. Some even think that either one of the existing churches can not accept the fullness of knowledge and grace, because each of them in one degree or another has deviated from the truth. They always believe that only now, at the end of the ages, fully captured the spirit of the doctrine of Christ and so far all the Christian world, the flow of so many centuries, was in error. They say that now it is time, to unite all the divided parts in a universal and apostolic Church. This, according to them, will hold the full truth in all respects, if in (above) union accepted only that which is a common feature for all the churches. Others, something even worse, meditate in their hearts for some kind of high mysticism, which goes beyond the ecclesiastical conception of the Christian religion, so ... I do not want to talk more to all this. I only wish to close this issue to say parenthetically that much I would like (and therefore pray to God) you are not deceived by this, but I firmly believe with the heart and the mind that exists on Earth that one, unique and True Church founded by the Lord. The Church maintains intact and undamaged teaching of Christ, possesses the fullness of knowledge and grace and is infallible. What some do not seem to be complete teaching, is nothing else than the possibility of scientific treatment offered the unlimited and inexhaustible wealth. This does not conflict at all with that we said above about having the knowledge of the crew

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