Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The time that orthodoxy will prevail is close

Let we know that not only are natural laws, but also spiritual.
Therefore the wrath of God can not be addressed by cooperative
sinners (because double rage will obtain), but by repentance and observance of commands
The elder Sophronius of the Holy Mountain (1993) telling the Essex England the
like the Holy Paisius: "The Association of Churches is difficult, if not impossible. those
speak for Churches union do not know the mentality of heterodox
or the level of Orthodoxy.
St. Paisius, the above knowledge was, advises everyone to be more
restrained, because there will be the time that the Lord will present their Marcus
Polite and quickly palms, to gather all
kataskandalismena our brothers, to confess the Orthodox Faith, to
fasten Tradition and give great joy to our Mother.
Essentially the elder prophesy a truly Orthodox Synod. Perhaps the 8th
Ecumenical Council for which prophesied that would become St. Nilus the Myrovlytis:
Afterward he made at the eighth meeting, and she wants to choose good from the
bad, ie Orthodoxy, as the farmer chooses the wheat from the chaff. and
then you make peace a little while people, and again will switch the concurring opinion
them in evil ....
Peace in the world can not come without the peacemaker, living and unadulterated
teaching of Orthodoxy. Spreading however, though continued after the fall of
City to a degree, will be maximized and will officially spread dynamically after the 3rd
World War II, General War like onomazei St. Cosmas of Aetolia.
This will be the period blink of Orthodoxy, for a short time, because
then begin again people drifting into evil.


  1. I agree that we should not rush into unity for the sake of unity. Yet are you saying that unity is impossible before Christ's return?

  2. Then should we abandon all efforts towards true unity?

  3. as christian orthodox we must insert what the real truth is,if the others don't accept,what's the point to continue this nonsense

    1. Because if a man compels you to walk a mile you walk twain as the Lord Jesus commanded. You suffer the nonsense to be able to proclaim the truth, and to aid a sick brother back to the true path.

  4. The love for the heterodox and other religions - continues - requires overt confession of the truth, and the interreligious dialogue is detrimental.

  5. The dialogue STARTED WRONG.And should stay there,because the catholics dont accept nothing from orthodox point of view

  6. As for the rest doctrines,it's a waste of time to try to persist with heretics,you cannot mix holy water with urinate

  7. I agree that it takes remaining steadfast in the Truth, yet I am under a bishop that is working towards unity, so I have no choice but to obey my bishop as long as he doesn't break from Orthodoxy.

    1. i would recommend you-saint kosmas prophecies