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which is their true nature?

What is the true nature of the alien spaceman who many claim to have seen, spoken or even travel with them to other planets?
They are people or humanoids material beings of some kind or maybe spiritual beings, immaterial spirits? More and more researchers tend to the second, and even sudden seems not so good experiences ... The following is taken from the book "Ôhe Dark Gods" of Collin Wilson and Anthony Roberts (Panther Books, 1984). The Wilson and Roberts, researchers supernatural phenomena in their book make a comparison of experiences with aliens and experiences that occur in occultism, spiritualism and pagan religions from ancient times until today.

The flying saucers began to appear from 1947 onwards. Every year increasing UFO sightings and contacts with alien beings. Reports come from simple farmers to policemen and pilots of airplanes, and from all countries of the world.
Detailed investigations have been made by the military services in many countries, but because of the ephemeral and non-material nature of phenomena, the authorities have concluded that this phenomenon has no physical substance. On the other hand, can not admit the existence of supernatural spirits and therefore resort to the interpretation of "mass hysteria" when there are many eyewitnesses occurrence UFO, or hallucinations and self-consciousness when it comes to individual controls. Even scientists give the interpretation of natural phenomena such as the formation of clouds, lightning round, optical refractions planets and other meteorological phenomena. However, there are famous scientists, astrophysicists, astronomers and engineers who believe and engage in research of UFO.

The initial impression of those who accepted their existence, they were, as they said themselves are supposed aliens, there are intelligent civilizations on other planets who have advanced in technology a lot more of us on earth and send spaceships to explore the universe. Slowly, however, the attitude of many researchers of these phenomena began to change and shifted to the metaphysical realm. Today more and more talk about the "nature parapsychiki" alien and many researchers admit that the aliens are spiritual rather than material, entities.
George Antamski was the first modern man reported meeting with aliens in the desert of California, 1952 In this meeting, also attended by his friends, a creature with long black hair, large gray-green eyes slightly tear, bulging cheeks and big long nails spoke telepathically (transfer considerations in the mind of another, without oral speech). He said that he is from the planet Venus and gave some cosmological and moral messages about how people should live in harmony with each other and the risk of radioactivity.
After this meeting, Antamski reported meeting with a being from Saturn, "penetrant, sparkling eyes and reddish skin, which was accompanied by another alien from Mars. Took him to a black car and taken a flying saucer, which saw another creature with black skin and black hair and two creatures with a female figure, with long nails and skin radiating heat.'s eyes was a black and beaming. Antamski the said they took him with them in space and observe various phenomena unknown to science. Needless to mention, of course, and that if at that time did not confirm if there was some kind of life on Mars, Venus, Saturn, the next decades by sending satellites made ​​sure that there are not even microorganisms or even water on these planets completely dead. This alone proves that the alleged aliens, if we accept that the story was not figment of his imagination Antamski was nothing but deceiving spirits.
The Antamski contacts with "aliens" and continued later said some "Sovereigns" (name of some angels) who imparted a kind of philosophy reminiscent of Buddhism. He talked about various stages of the soul, reincarnation of the spirit of "enlightened masters", one of whom was Jesus. After the publication of his experiences Antamski start experiencing many who claimed they had been in contact with aliens. Most of them turned out to be interested to gain money or become famous, and some of them were people with psychoses.
However there are people who completely reliable experiences that had not be explained in any scientific way. In their reports, however, there are notable differences. For example, while the Afroditianoi Antamski seemed like physical people, someone else, the Ch.Megker, said he met Afroditianous "etheric nature" and that people to travel with them had to undergo a procedure.
A well known case is the Juniors. Nterenmpergker that Dyt.Virtzinia in 1966, saw a UFO grounded on a street. A two-meter man with very black skin, long hair and tearing eyes, came out of the spaceship. He was dressed in a black suit and said his name was Cold and I would return to see him. Then came the album took off at high speed. This "alien" visited many times Nterenmpergker not always flying saucer but with ... black limos! He said he came from the planet Lanoulos from a distant galaxy. Eventually Nterenmpergker reported that moved with flying disc on the planet where that saw large cities. After these underwent extensive psychiatric examination at a public hospital. The final opinion wrote that it was a completely honest and reliable man, without fluctuations, intellectual or mental abnormalities, and had apparently been in contact with some strange form of reality.
Then we present an excerpt from the Soviet newspaper "Sovietskagia Torgkovlia" on recent appearances alien phenomena in the Perm region: "... The locals claim that the strange phenomena in Zone Perm 'have been observed long ... a woman saw two tall people without persons dressed in black clothes. mowed Two men saw similar anthropomorphic creatures ... the position of the head was something incomprehensible, something like a bucket. During the early 80s, dozens of builders who were building shelters, afraid of something (tried to explain the causes, referring to some unknown force, but to tell something specific) gave up everything and left the village without even ask to be paid. then of them reached in Perm scientific team E.Mpatsourin, member of the Study Commission Pansovietikis strange phenomenon. Chief was V.Semsouk biology and computer scientist. Anomalies of space and time and felt the members of the mission. The measured distances between different objects, the night grew in a strange way. 30m hours became 90 ...
The band occasionally observed footprints in the grass, which had oval or round shape ... some saw flying saucers often changing color and at times were hovering over a crowd. When trying to reach either disappear or departed quietly. Two weeks before the arrival of the mission, on the river city Find landed a "dish". Over 100 people saw him come out of it a few anthropomorphic creatures big and small ... guides narrate that met several times in deserted streets beings resembling the Minotaur! On one occasion they saw a girl goes on the road and when approached they discovered that the position of the face was like a bear's head ...
When the scientific expedition, which consisted of forty persons, entered the territory of the mysterious "Area of Perm" began and strange phenomena. "Immediately I conceived myself to think that someone's watching, writes Fr. Mouchartof. And this impression was accompanied throughout the period of the mission." The evening photographing while twenty people. Sometimes the flash did not work, but then again we all saw on the opposite side black humanoid figures ...
"Luminous robot silhouettes of people approaching us at 15 meters from the point where we were standing, and then came back and hid in the forest. The mysterious visitors, totaling two to four meters, was quite full-bodied ... totally random witnessed the peculiar communication with them. And not only witness but also interlocutor. This is not to say what we discussed ... I promised them .. ".
"Several were questions. It seems that they know everything about us that is representative of the new Planet Red Star Libra. They are here already two years and the purpose of their visit to the concealed ... I suggested to visit the planet. I answered that it is way trip and dangerous (!) "
What to say about these alien beings ... It is clear that these are demons, such as we find in descriptions of magicians and pagan religions?
John Kiil, renowned researcher phenomena UFO, says that many eyewitnesses reported for tiny or giant aliens, and sometimes have unusually long fingers like crab claws! Also reported feathered beings at a part of Dyt.Virtzinia where shown UFO. A winged creature appeared in Kent, England, immediately after the appearance of a UFO. They have been very strange alien costumes as "a little man with short blue top hat and beard, he disappeared in a cloud of smoke!"
Sometimes the "aliens" are observed only from certain present, and not all. Also cameras have gotten aliens, who did not seem natural eye. Classical is the photo of Templeton who photographed his daughter, and the appearance of the photo behind it seems to form a standing as an astronaut. But even this is a classic phenomenon parapsychology, such as in seances have photographed the supposed spirits of the dead.
The aliens communicate with people with telepathy. However there have been reports that gave messages through the table "Cul-For" (used by psychics to communicate with spirits), with automatic writing (even a spiritualistic technique) and bringing people into a trance (in the same way mediums possessed by a spirit, which speaks through them). The messages given are warning about the risk of upcoming nuclear devastation, the destruction of the environment and "spiritual teachings", which are almost identical to those of spiritualists, esoteriston and eastern religions, the idea that man personally evolve through constant reincarnations and mankind collectively perfected through racial progress (occult racism). There is even an indirect denial of the uniqueness of Jesus Christ for the salvation of men.
Many times prophesy future events, which sometimes has been verified, but not the most numerous. For example, in 1967 many were getting messages from aliens of "intergalactic Management Primer" for major disasters on Christmas Eve, which was not the case.
Also on flying saucers, it is noteworthy that most UFO appear as moving lights or flares as light and not as solid machines, and usually appear suddenly in the sky as lights. Many reported that they could not stand to look at the blinding lights that temporarily paralyzed body, and lost track of time, eg some said they traveled to distant galaxies within a few hours. Such experiences "spiritual journey" is common in persons involved in occultism and in people taking hallucinogenic drugs.
Also indicated temperature changes and objects levitation phenomena, such as once a car got into the air by a UFO! Sometimes appearances of UFO related strange smells. A man saw a cigar-shaped light in the sky, he said that the atmosphere smelled strongly like brimstone. Also a muffled humming sounds sometimes shown UFO. Another phenomenon is the realization or disappearance of objects in front of people. But all these are classic phenomena in the field of magic and spiritualism ...
Another strange phenomenon is that often appeared in locations where UFO are animal corpses drained of their blood, but without a trace of blood on the ground. People who came in contact with "aliens" and many researchers have observed these phenomena in their lives spiritualistic phenomena occurring type "Poltergkaist" (meaning "spirits Brawlers") movement of objects without human intervention, cant objects, strange noises and unexplained sounds in the house, unexplained breaking objects etc.. Yet no empirical treatment of physical illness, and unexplained chronic pain, especially chronic headaches - all these phenomena also often the spiritualists and occultists.
Most phenomena accompanying the show UFO or alien contact, are found in similar form in spiritism and witchcraft. The "astral travel", the "ecstasies", "automatic writing", the crystal ball, the photography spirit not seen with the naked eye, light floating in rooms. The characteristics of the spirits that have occurred in seances is mostly Asian-type (tearing eyes, bulging cheeks, reddish or black skin).
What is very interesting is the names of many aliens that resemble the names of many demonic deities worshiped in ancient times, or who are known to those skilled in the magic invocations of demons. For example there is the case of a woman who recently reported the appearance of a UFO, and who said that after this, the presented a creature with goat legs, shiny eyes and pointy ears to classical pagan deity (the god Pan in ancient Greek religion)! Two famous "aliens" that have appeared in many people is the abs and primers, respectively of Apollyon probably names and Astarte, demonic deities mentioned in the Bible.
Also psychics have started to get messages from spirits that are recommended as "brothers from space". Also some descriptions of people who came into contact with "alien spaceman" said they saw on the uniforms a snake, the symbol of the devil.
The investigator John Kiil found in the 60s a few people who had come into contact with someone alien named "abs". Later this mysterious creature came to phone (!) Contacting the Kiil and gave many predictions for the future, more than which failed to materialize. He said he was a "spirit that was moving through the paths of time for centuries!" Apollyon is the name of an angel of darkness, as mentioned in Revelation. The alien named "Primer" is reminiscent of the Babylonian deity "primer" or "Astarte". Aliens have spoken to the governor "Saturnine" a distant planet, and Saturn was an ancient Greek deity.

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