Saturday, January 31, 2015


Not everything that Praise's Creator has not the Spirit of the Creator-2-I do believe all this Charismatic nonsense and the Pentecostal Word of Faith Movement is rooted in Mysticism.3- I would recommend all Pentecostals or those of Charismatic persuasion that have filtered into other denominations, to hear them out.  Stop trusting your heart, (your feelings, emotions, etc.,) for "the heart is deceitful above all things.-4The problem I see in Pentecostalism is the Continuationist belief, and borne out of that is what we find today - all this wacky nonsense that is so far outside the Biblical parameters, because they are based on one's own thoughts, feelings, emotions, ecstatic utterances and experiences, all of which must be tested against the Word of God, and most of which fails the test.  If we don't "test all things," how do we know if it's actually from God?.5-.You are not going to be saved until you humble yourself.You need to pray everyday..6-Most humans want to keep on sinning,doing evil.Love at all costs,forgive everyone that has hurt you.Humble yourself so God can use you.7-The catholic church has always been a tool of Satan to deceive people as we can see it even nowadays.8-At 5 centuries gone by Luther until now, the Orthodox Church was vindicated. Protestantism splintered into thousands of different, and often opposite (doctrinal) between the groups. Yet each group insists that escapes from the doctrine of the Holy Scripture, and that it accepts only what the Bible says, nothing less, and nothing more.

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