Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Whatever you want ... WRITE IT DOWN.

Goals, Objectives and What-You-Want
Goals, objectives and what-you-want seem as though they are
the same thing but they are not. So some clearer distinctions need to be
There are lots of ways of thinking about what-you-want, so just
start to day dream. Maybe what you want is very clear and specific as
in "I want a promotion to be the manager of my section within the
year" or it could be less specific, "I want a new car" or "I want a
romantic partner" (Note the non-specific goals don't indicate the type
of car or romantic partner).
 Writing down your goals and doing the processes are the
only way you will "get it". So .... WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS ...
As you write down your wants, hopes and desires, you clarifY
your goals. You goals are not "what-you-want". "What-you-want" is
different from your goal.
To understand the difference between a goal and what-you want,
answer these questions in as much detail as possible
What will having your goal give you?
What will getting your goal allow you to feel?
Why is getting what-you-want important to you?
You may think that these questions are asking the same thing.
They are not, trust me. Collectively they help build motivation. Were
these the same question just asked in a different way then the answers

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