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Dusan,What happened to me 1976 morning of July

In all my reports try to present honestly the
events that I experienced in 48 years of my life. On July 11, 1976, shortly before the 10
morning started with my car from Kragkougevits for Band
Matarouska. Arriving at the bridge of the Ibar in Kraljevo, turned left on
Because of a conflict that had blocked the road, taking direction for
monastery. Thus begins this somewhat shocking story. On the way, gets into
car two unknown persons. A solemn monk and a venerable
nun. On the way they say everything about his life, and even details.
Surprised ...
- Dusan reimbursed by the memorial in Kragkougevits, is not it? where
knew my name kiapo we come? Me were completely unknown ...
- Yes.
- And now you're going to band Matarouska while not doing bathrooms ...
- I do not dare, because the water is too hot. Once stopped the monk, with
asks the nun.
- Where are you from Dusan? From Zakouta? Your father is Dmitri, the
Your mother the Nterinka, the ... They believe in God, but once angered
blaspheme. Your brother Milovan has higher education but an atheist.
Great atheist. He was silent for a moment and continued:
- And you Dusan, believe deep down in God, despite all the apostasy
you. We stopped and took us, while others passed near us and spat at us.
Better not born despite so where were brought ...
I was shaking from my fear. Through the mirror driver turned and
kyttaxa. Horror with captured. Two large halos of blinding light, over
their heads with blindness. Really, I did not do with ordinary
people ... They kept me talking about profligate life where I did. Fear and
were overwhelmed with shame. In the courtyard of the monastery stopped to descend.
I rushed to open their doors. I pulled the knob and bent inside. The seats,
were empty!
Haggard, anxious, terrified, I arrive at my hotel.
Jaded lay down on the bed. A pain, like stitch, pierced my chest
throwing in a deep sleep. Dream-like the door of my room opened. walls
shining strangely, and a bright angel, same old icon, enters. me
-Ntousan, Get up to walk. You know what I conveyed today? St.
Apostle Peter, and St. Petko (Friday) that honors separate your family
... We arrived on a mountain. We went in a cloud and began to rise in
time, like in a fairy tale. My angel said;
-Koita Under the earth. What do you see? All the earth was like a bullet, but I recognized even
full height, human faces, animals etc.
- Dusan, God oversaw up to you to handle small sample of another life
and the resurrection of the dead when Christ will come to judge the world. This will
and then it happens ... like the movie I saw bright Archangels to toot, tombs to
opened all the earth, and the dead to come out intact and full body of them.
I saw men, women and children coming out of seas, lakes, etc. Fires such as
had died. The most surprising was that on everyone's forehead, as if on paper, was
written many or few words. The angel took the floor:
-Why Do you admire Dusan? What you see written is everyone's projects
written even their thoughts. Nothing is to hide ....
Among the dead I saw friends, relatives, acquaintances. Simple hands,
spoke, but not single out their words. Another crowd of creatures like shadows
moved the air around us. I saw clearly human characteristics. What Does
-These Are human souls, he said the angel deepening my thinking.
The soul that comes from man contains vision, hearing, speech, memory,
feelings. Without soul man is nothing but a meat volume. without soul
there is no life. When you come out the soul from the body (death) then for 40 days passes
again throughout his life he lived and shown everything he did, the places where he lived,
but the parties sinned, which benefited etc. After rising in the sky
crisis. It should be dry Dusan in hell are sinners, but the
"kaloi" Called people, according to the measures of the world ... are the people who
deliberately did not want to hear anything about Christ and salvation.
Indifferent thinking that did not concern them!
Travel in space area, but I am not able, nor is
possible to describe details. We arrived finally in a place with endless
huge walls. A gate cruciform lampokopouse. There were many souls,
more or less light, a host of angels, and demons with teratoeideis
forms, as in the paintings, trying to prevent the souls to Bunia
means. We passed this gate and we came to a second station where the savagery of
demons to snatch souls filled in horror. Through the gate but a strong,
clean light, like the man he saw, illuminated everything. Houses, rivers,
trees, flowers, and church hymns, glittered indescribably ... .The territory
Paradise was like glass, crystal would say, while huge green fragrant
gardens they covered their surroundings. Hymns and praises to Christ filled the air.
Yet, through a long distance, on a hill, I saw a huge cross and
over to him by Christ, while a blinding light sprang around him. angels and
saints were beside him.
Dusan, here is the throne of God ... You're not worthy to go further.
Be sure to take advantage of the little life left you, be baptized, and be saved with
Fasting and prayer holding any command of God ... Be careful!
We went as a dream of Paradise and we moved to a place like
abyss, kataskoteino. None earth darkness can not be similar. an
terrible stench, the stench of Hell with choking. I felt that we face
something awful, but I did not know what could be. Angel - Guide to steer.
In the distance, seemed a vast sea that the surface boiling
sprang huge bonfires. I realized that we are in front of an endless
wall, while a few meters away from our feet the water boiled like a volcano.
With these words are not described. Woe to those who will go to hell, and
that long years will burn in that place. Woe to those who
Satan deceives and tells them that the devil and hell are tales of
priests, and cast them to fornication, adultery, suicide, drugs, homosexuality,
abortion, etc., and reassures them saying; "o God is kalos" or "kai that
will fit everyone in Kolasi". When you land in these places forever and will
closed the doors behind them, then they will understand the deadly mistake.
I saw countless awesome animals, huge snakes, with many heads, to
twisted, to stand, and tighten sinners their sweeping,
through yelling and screaming, into the depths of fiery sea. Through the mouths
of monstrous animals distinguished human hands and legs writhing. between
to, scorpions and worms jumped madly biting sinful souls
rabies will say. And when these clusters were devouring the last crippled
piece, then the bodies again xanaginosante as before to start myself again
cycle torture. ***
-Not Afraid Dusan, the angel said and explained. Snakes and other animals
swim in this boiling water, created by God so as not to be destroyed.
Eternal will bite and suck the blood of sinners. Together they will boil and
be cooked in this fire, but never boil, and neither will cook ... .. This
it is their punishment.
My Return
The spectacle of suffering was unbearable. Several times I closed my eyes,
but when shooting in the dark, then there greeted with black monsters with glowing
eyes, screaming and tossing around us. I was scared ...
-Non Upset Dusan. They are demons who disturb. A lot of people
today does not believe that there are demons. Them as fairy tales and laughs. will come
time but if they repent, if you do not confess honestly, and not
communion regularly, who will live in these places, and then I believe ... Remember the
this Dusan!
E d h i a g or in the U n e t t e t he u s a p E S e t e t t e X j! Only the change of life
can save the course before them prevent death. With these words
angel took me from hell and darkness. Returning to Earth
crucified and disappeared ....

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