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What does the Bible say?

1. The Bible does not state visits or extraterrestrial

The Bible, the written Word of God that has been revealed to man, teaches principle that life was created by a process that God began and directed. Even if there were other galaxies with planets similar to Earth, there could be no life if the Creator of all things not to create. But if God had done this, and 'if these extraterrestrial beings were going to visit us one day, then surely it would not be something that will not informing us.

God has given specific details about the future, eg the return of Jesus to earth to reign, and the end of this system and the renovation of the Earth for eternity. The universe will be renovated some future time (Isaiah 34: 4, Revelation 6:14), the completely new heavens will come from folding of current. If there were people somewhere else, they will automatically be destroyed. The new Earth but that will come from the current will stay forever as the center, the seat of government of the universe (Revelation chap. 21, 22). The fall of the first man, Adam, caused throughout the land disruption and therefore needed restoration began with the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the final Adam. This whole plan of salvation, or otherwise rehabilitation Human and Earth from falling (Romans 8: 18-23), it seems quite strange if there are other people. Moreover, Jesus, the Son of God, became man on earth and died to save the earth man. The whole purpose of creation as stated in Genesis is focused on the human race. People of the Earth all the spirits of God, angels of light, serve and help only and not some other alien people. On the other hand, the spirits of darkness and evil forces trying to deceive and destroy the people of Earth. The Earth is the war of clashes between spiritual beings and not some other planets.

2. The purpose of the stars

The reasons we created the stars are given in some parts of the Bible, not only in the well-known Psalm 19 (: 1 "The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands"), but especially in the narrative of Genesis . In Gen. 1:14 we read: "And God said, Let be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night, and let it be for seasons and days and years."

From this we understand that the stars were for the help of the man who would be created on Earth. The setting time, calendars, and the geographical orientation is with the help of the sun, moon, stars, and constellations.

Even from the time sequence of creation (on the first day the Earth, the fourth day the stars) shows the value and importance of the Earth in God's plan.

As for the numerous stars that do not see, and therefore does not appear to serve us something, they will have a purpose. As seen in some parts of the Bible the stars associated with angels, so we can say, as they have great support and Bible commentators ancient and modern (see. Erich Saouer "The Dawn of the Redemption of the World"), that the stars were about angels.

So what happens with the UFO?

How, then, one can explain the UFO phenomena and all the associated noise? In the German magazine "Focus", recently stated that 90% of UFO appearances prove fraud, but there is a 10% that is not easy to explain "(3). The article refers to the statement by sociologist Gerald Eberlein: "Research has shown that people who are not connected with any church, but who claim to be religious, minutes are prone to believing that there are aliens. For them, the ufology is a substitute for religion. "(4)

Many researchers of these phenomena, claim to have supernatural origin. The journalist William Alnor, expert in occultism, winning for his research, which has been studied for many years the phenomenon of UFO, in his book "UFOs in the New Age" (Baker Book House) contains documents of his research leading to concluded that the UFO phenomenon have occult origins.

O Jesus Christ warned these last days we are living and one of the features that gave was that there would be feared (things that cause fear) and great signs from heaven. "Is it not those associated with UFO visions and signs in the sky?

The Bible goes somewhat deeper in this matter, highlighting a supplementary cause and effect (II Thessalonians. 2: 9-11): "This illegitimate (Antichrist) the advent will be in accordance with the power of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, and with all scam injustice to those who are lost because they refuse to love the truth to save themselves. And so it sends them God delusion to believe a lie. "

The Bible gives a description of reality concerning all living beings. God of Life reveals Himself. In Heaven, region of residence, there are angels, spirits and serving mankind on Earth.

But there is another reality, that of the devil and demons. The Eph. 2: 2 speaks of "the one who dominates the air", and whose reign is on Earth.

Satan has his own repertoire of deception of the people in the form of various occult practices and religious rituals. Could behind these unexplained reportedly hiding "he who deceives the whole world"? References for appearances UFO, by definition is vague and scientifically unproven. People who do not know the true God and Christ are often fascinated by every kind of supernatural or inexplicable phenomenon. Christians always bear in mind the warning of Jesus (Matt. 24: 4): "Do you devel- deceive anyone." The best antidote to deception? Paul urges us (II Timothy. 2:15) to study the Scriptures, so that "properly intersects the word of truth."

(CREATE Magazine, September-November 1997)


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