Wednesday, December 24, 2014

I give you some tips,and it's up to you,what is your decision

HAARP has many uses. Weather manipulation, mind control, creates images in the sky, enables their frequency weapons.. all kinds of evil I'm sure Tesla had no intentions for.. That is whom they stole all of this technology from after they murdered him
sleepy, blinded sheep..this is why I strictly use speaker phone when I have to make a call. That way I know the waves from the silent weapons wont get a direct hit in my ear canal. HAARP is just a part of their Echelon system the nano aspect of the realm needs something to activate it, like a RFID chip (because many think this is the mark of the beast, but transhumanism is, metal and clay mix...though we dont know wtf a RFID would do once placed inside of us. So it actually is a tool which can be used for both scenarios. The crap gets so deep, its hard to keep thinking of all the possibilities, which has been up and running since the days of espionage.IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE RFID CHIP IS 666 MARK OF THE BEAST

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