Saturday, September 13, 2014


Second, as Christians not only believe in the immortality of the soul and the resurrection
body. According to the suggestion of God in our first creation, the human soul and
human body are interdependent and neither can exist without the other right. Sa
consequence of the fall, the bodily death, these two separated, but this separation is not
final and permanent. The Second Coming of Christ will be raised from the dead with our soul
and body; so, having again united the soul with the body, you will be presented with
to our Lord for the Final Crisis.
The Crisis as emphasizes the Gospel of St.. Ioannou, continued throughout the time in
throughout the course of our earthly life. Whenever, consciously or unconsciously choose the good, already
advance enter into eternal life; whenever we choose evil a foretaste of
hell. The Final Crisis is best understood as the moment of truth, when everything comes
to light when all acts of choice are revealed with all their consequences, when
understand with absolute clarity who we are and what was the deep meaning and purpose of
our lives. So, according to this final clarification, we will enter -by soul and body
xanaenomena- in heaven or in hell, eternal life or eternal death.
Christ is the judge; yet, from another point of view, we express a judgment about the
ourselves. If anyone is in hell, it is because God has imprisoned there, but because there
is the place he chose is. The losers in the hell is aftokatadikasmenoi,
aftosklavomenoi; has correctly said that the gates of Hell are locked from the inside

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