Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Protestant heretics

They talk about idolatry, woods and colors, unable to understand that bowing
faithful images not worship wood and colors nor loves, but the price of
traverses the face, the image represents.
As a manna kissing picture of emigrant child, brings to mind
to love him, so a Christian celebrates every holy icon.
Pictures found from the most ancient times of Christian persecution within
catacombs, and some of these miraculous today.
Icons are known, the Virgin Mary, Our Lady 20foinissa in
Macedonia, the Virgin Malevi at St. Peter outside Tripoli (the Holy Myrrh to
running, tapping the glass in the center, and fragrant place, or the cars
pilgrims as they come from many kilometers away.
And 'still, small plastic small icon of the Virgin Malevi to smell muggy in
loyal to Canada, Australia etc.. myrrh and run as write believers
people named in the reports and in several letters to ...
Holy images, with dozens of gold tributes on them, certainly not given
so "for free", but in return miraculously, always hiding the secret truth of
Because we are true and 'Let's not hide or fever does not give us free if
it is not something to take ...
5) criticizes veneration and relics of the Saints.
But the Holy these people, especially the martyrs, burned, skinned,
fried, or decapitated by refusing to the end to betray Christ and
their faith, those who God Himself certifies to date with fragrance remains
miracles and healing, we can disregard them as nothing, considering
level playing us?
Are we in the heights?
We did for Christ and our faith in what they did? Certainly not! Let
at least we have the humility and the "know thyself" to admit the "minus"
Our ...
6) Reject fasts, memorials, and apostolic traditions.
First, fasting is the first commandment of God and the cause of the first deduction
people of Paradise, because of their disobedience!
The mandate of fasting (and indeed intimate fasting), as an act of preparation and
preparation of man to make himself heard by God, to meet regularly
Indicative we see, the appearance of God in the smoke and thunder full term of
Sinai (Exodus 19.15), John the Baptist, the consecration of the elders
(cheirotonisantes elders in church, prosefxamenoi after fasting), Prax.
Apost.ID 23, "fasted and prosefxamenoi epithentes to them and hands"
(Prax.Apost. IG3), etc..

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