Saturday, January 28, 2017

The day is near and the night is almost over. The time is now. Jesus is our salvation.

So many believe all they have to do is say a little prayer and that's it, they are sealed.  They are deceived.  Even the devil and his angels know and believe who Jesus is and what he did.

True love for God that leads to true sealed salvation is a deep godly sorrow of your sins against the Father, repentance of the heart, believing in the death and resurrection of Jesus and why it was necessary and obedience to God's commands.  The commandments were not done away with.  They were written on our hearts so that we may know what sin is and what the punishment for those sins are if we do not repent and obey.  Obedience is not of works so that we will go to heaven, no obedience is true love for God and true love and belief in Jesus.  Only those chosen and sealed by God will be able to repent from the heart.

The time of the gentiles(nations) are almost over.  Jesus will return soon and only those who have a knowledge of the truth and have accepted Christ will overcome and be saved from what is to come.  When the time of the gentiles is over and the restrainer (Holy Spirit) is removed God will send a deceiving spirit so that those who did not choose his free gift of grace will believe the lie.  It will be so powerful of a delusion that it will almost convince the elect.

The time is now brothers and sisters!  The time to repent is now!  The clock is ticking away and counting down to our salvation.  Please if you don't know Christ, pray and read his Word and accept Jesus into your hearts with a true sorrow for your sins against God and the Son.  God wants NO ONE to perish but ALL to come to salvation.  But only God can grant repentance and he looks at the heart of man.

Pray for those lost teachers right now who are leading their congregations down the broad path to hell.  Pray for the salvation of all.  The enemy is growing more and more fierce by the day as he knows his time is short and he will come after all those who believe with a vengance as we are the ones he wants to destroy.  He already has the sinners in his grasp.
  Repent and become the beautiful lovely creatures God created us to be with a gentle and quiet spirit that is beautiful in God's sight.

.  The time is now.  Jesus is our salvation.

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