Thursday, December 29, 2016

Wake Up! its a fact,it's the reality,pay attention,

What people don't realise is, that all vaccinations for the flu cause the flu, even Pneumonia, and at times kill.  In the past it was advised for only older people, or those with impaired immunoligical problems, and what a 26 year old was doing taking one, being so healthy, is beyond me, only that brainwashing in this country is followed by those that are gullible and ignorant of the fact that, colds and flu's are a normal part of life, that rest, good eating habits, and Vitamin C will minimize the duration and effects, and goes away without unneeded poisons that are used in Vaccines.  I know a lady from back in the 1960's that was experimented by the U.S. Army, she being a teen at the time, in a church group that went on a church outing, without their knowledge or parental consent, did this to the whole group, that by the time she was out of High School, she got Dystonia, which was a new disease named at the time.  It destroyed her whole life, that by the time she finished college to be a teacher, she became totally disabled, and this experiment became exposed and known, and all the kids were sick from that group, sued the Government, and it took more than 50 years to collect compensation, that out of that group only 2, her and another person ever collected, that the rest had passed to many years earlier, and that's why it took so long to reach litigation, because they the Government hoped they'd all die, and not have to pay, and since then" Dystonia has been around, man made disease, for the Medical and Pharmaceutical establishment to make money.  And it's known the FDA is involved in these medical crimes, that cater to those involved in making money, to include kick backs to Political figures and investors at Wall Street, and the reason why that church group was able to sue, was because these were minors in age, and violated the basic human rights of individuals, thanks to the Whistle Blower that brought this into lught.  And we talk about other countries Human Rights Violations, people had better Wake Up!

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