Thursday, February 9, 2017

Any check a person's language, controls and thoughts.

The Lenin and the Bolshevik Communists, who in 1917 dominated Russia,
its understanding very well this Law.
They realized that if they wanted to rule in Russia seriously and for a long
time would have to check the "thought" of the Russian people. And to
do what ought to remove from people's consciousness the Russian
language, which by its nature only, is a Christian language,
created, influenced and shaped by the Orthodox faith. And immediately
Communists began to force everyone to speak their own
Soviet dialect, which quickly became the language of the country.
Many words faded from the consciousness of the people-especially by those words which
referring to the Church and the Faith. And as the words put out, and put out
concepts which represent these words. And having gone out in paragraph
people, and went out of their lives.
A new Marxist-Lenistiki ideology had replaced, first in the country
and then in the minds of people, the Orthodox Christian Civilization.
And this new ideology was based upon the one religion which aims
It was to destroy Christianity.
Today, very few people would question the fact that Marxism -
Leninism is a religion. Moreover, we could certainly consider the
as a new religious movement - one horrible totalitarian cult, comparable to
cults such as Jehovah's Witnesses, followers of Moon, the Aum Shinrikyo movement
of Hare Krishna. This is something that can be demonstrated, for example, by the methods
control of thought occurring in Communist parties and countries
those in which these parties are in power. religious
character of Marxism-Leninism, is clearly seen in communist ceremonies
and rituals, the feasts and the cult of the "heroes" of the "revolution".
It is a religion, which replace the living God with a blind
'Historical necessity ", which supposedly determines the change of some fictitious
"Social formations".
It is a religion, which deprives man and his life anything
important and pays attention only to the abstract concept of classes.
It is a religion, which began with the search of a vision. (Let
remember the first words of the Communist Manifesto: "A vision penetrates
Throughout Europe, the vision of communism "). And this religion is based upon
in nekrolatreia, the worship of Lenin's corpse.
It is a religion, the priests which plunged the largest country
world into a sea of ​​blood and leading to richer country
world in extreme poverty and misery.
It is a religion, which requires them followers of blind, complete and
unconditional faith, through a complete obedience and submission.
It is a religion, which is based on slavery and deprived of freedom
It is a religion, which imposed with blood up to about half
Earth's population, the most extensive in the history of mankind change experiment
thought and de-humanization,
It is the religion of lies and baited and is well known to
Christians, to whom Christ Saviour referred to as the father of lies.
And of course the real motives of Koummounism seen through the
uncompromising brutal persecution of Christianity - a persecution, which within 70 years
He revealed many more witnesses, and those that have emerged in the era
tyrants and vertically organized throughout previous human history. This
demonic past explains the cunning of the devil methods which
leaders of communist cult used to fight the
Church of Christ.
We can not but recognize that this war in many ways, was
success for the Communist. Naturally, the Church, which will not be defeated by
gates of hell (Matt. p 18), has survived and has adorned herself with
countless martyrs and confessors.

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