Wednesday, November 16, 2016

What a shame!

The main stages of yoga can be determined as follows: 1. The chalinagogiseis.2. The hardened. 3. The behaviors and attitudes. 4. breathing rate. 5. The emancipation of thought and by external impressions. 6. Or concentration. 7. The acquisition yoga thinking. 8. "Samadhi", or maximum concentration, or too self-disclosure or release or ecstasy. After all, the yogi acquires a "magic power". But this power, then he should resign.
To be more specific. The origin of Yoga is the concentration in a single object. The yogi brings concept to a point where he chooses or recommended by the guide, the guru. The election is irrelevant. It can be any physical object, a thought, a real picture or something that represents imagination. It may be water, fire, wind. It can be an important icon of the deity of Godhead prefers any yogi, or that the image is not visible, but made within the fiction. It may still be a bright spot, a plant or an animal.
Typical is the following example. It called a guru, that gave as a matter of concentration of attention on a cow pupil yperagapouse student. The exercise will last for long and the student had for several months to survive in isolation. From time to time, the guru went and called the pupil. He left the hermitage and all the gurus xanaestelne saying: ". It is very advanced in your practice Go to continue. "One day the teacher asked again the student, as he used. He replied, but not come out. The Guru asked him again, and commanded sharply:". Come out "Then the student is justified:" Teacher, I could not go on the horns of my block.! " Until now he had lost his personality and was identified with the cow. Then the Guru was pleased with the student's progress!
Thus, the effort of the yogi is to succeed, a mechanic and persistently, to gather his thoughts in a single place. Nowhere else. Or thought should be damasthi, be bolted. Imposes a physical block. And the ultimate goal is the concentration of thought on a single point man to become listless, unconscious to each stimulus.
What a shame! They refuse to be guided by the light of Christ, deign to blindly follow the dictates obscurantism

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