Monday, October 20, 2014

In this spiritual darkness and in this confusion......

 we Orthodox should oppose the light and truth of Christ. The Lord Himself says: "I am the Highway and the Truth and the Life", so collapses the syncretistic New Age pan-religion.

     It should be clear that we are opposed to globalization of the New Age, because it attempts to impose without Christ and against Christ.
     You need to help people get the "good worry" as saying by the late Father Paisios the Athonite. We need watchfulness, namely mental alertness. We need repentance and prayer. You need to develop spiritually antibodies to resist the demonic "spirituality" of the New Age. This will happen if know, love, experience and project the Greek Orthodox traditions. Every parish and every monastery can and should become centers of this spiritual resistance.
     Apart from the "good worry", prayer and repentance, to be ready for operations when and where needed and we invite our Church. And do not forget: Those who plan globalization without Christ and against Christ and the people, "make accounts without the hotelier," because our Lord Jesus Christ is the only and true Lord of history and the world.

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