Monday, October 6, 2014


The Trojans previously Troikanoi and now act as a Trojan horse, secretly, in the material field, grabbing and destroying, while Christ, who overcomes horseman of the Apocalypse, using the white knight of the Church, entered the hearts of the people word, that is their judge.
The Trojan horse of Christ, ie. His word, is hidden inside of the Greeks, because it uses the language and the flower of their culture. But God does not prosopoliptei. The Trojans then, and the current omotropoi not be destroyed, but would get life extension, if accepted His word with reverence. But received the tribute (why God - Trojan horse) Wisdom of God (Athena in the perceptions of the time) as another reason for the holidays and binge intoxication which was wont to indulge. This disrespect them, destroyed them, it proved unnecessary to extend the deadline for their repentance.
The 10-year siege shows that the time for repentance has passed the Trojans grabbers 10 orders, and something similar is expected for today ... Troikanous!
We can say that: H Homeric Pan-El-hole represents the spiritual assistance to investigations of "Ulysses" by those working more practical virtues, using a tool like the Greek culture, which is God's gift for writing and expression of His Word and the development of science.
Especially nowadays dominates the technological culture, public discussions (panels) along the lines of Athenian democracy, and monitored through the panels of computers, give us another aspect of reality, an exit hole from the darkness of isolation as the «windows» windows open communication with the whole world! After careful and material scope "General War" will require the restoration of those representing the then Odysseus. (= Pan-Panelopi Ellino_politismiki-view. Ie. Concentration in all the Greek model of democracy, freedom of speech etc to express an opinion on any subject).
Summarizing, tonizome that God's help is given to those who keep the 10 commandments, because they are eternal spiritual law

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