Friday, March 14, 2014


Yoga occurs in Western societies as gymnastics , in order to become more easily accepted by people who belong to at least one of the following categories :
have limited knowledge about the major world religions ( Christianity , Hinduism , Buddhism , Islam )
have superficial knowledge of their own faith ,
indifferent or uninterested half - religious ,
are atheists .
If yoga presented directly , as part of the Hindu or Buddhist religion , would cause many reactions . For example enlightened Christians (regardless of homology , ie Orthodox , Roman Catholic or Protestant ) or enlightened Muslims will understand that they can not pray simultaneously in two different gods . Christians ( Orthodox , Catholics , Protestants ) generally accept as true the Triune God ( Trinity ) ( theological differences among Christians , are presented in other sources ) . Muslims accept Allah as God ( as he taught in accordance with the Quran - the right to have this faith is fully respected ) . So Hindus have their own gods ( and those entitled to have this faith is also respected ) . And the atheists , because of their beliefs , they would refuse to implement a religious practice

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