Saturday, September 13, 2014

The language determines the role of race in history

The Greek original texts, Old and New Testament, promotes
high values ​​of Christianity throughout the world, not random, because according to
Christ, the turnout of Greek students signaled the start of
glory of the Son of God to the nations
, By which the Divine Providence had to arrange
exellinisthoun from proigeitheisa Campaign Max. Alexander. the Greek
mythology and pagan daimonolatriki.
No need for this one language "higher level", as
now called Ancient Greek. The Christian Religion, however, has one
collapsed expression in normally called books, which when analyzed
According to the rules of the Greek language, meaning will emerge so,
So we think words- And the beloved disciple of Christ, "which, if
grafitai during this, nor of him oimai the world chorisai Allen books. "
(Ev. Jn. Chap. U. 25). So for example. Basil the Great interpreting Genesis, IN
"Six Days" devotes entire pages in the comprehensive analysis of some very
in meaning of words and phrases, as for "in the beginning" to "in the beginning He created His
God the heavens and the earth "by showing that the meanings that emerge are
All utilities for a detailed understanding of listed!
So is unsure most writings of the Church Fathers. if
even prosthesome and allegorical interpretations of Scripture passages that make
Some fathers like St. Maximus the Confessor, then the development of concepts
becomes even wider and the resulting meanings infinity without losing
paramount importance from this extension!
The Greeks do not need the language for the Greek mythology,
because everything was for this material, even the gods will not break the bad
and daily habits of mortals. Unambiguously, one language above
requires a high level sense to show its value, and on the other
Top side is impossible to express meanings in languages ​​with strings
the positions of the letters. It is therefore perfectly understandable why the Chinese -
Japanese etc.. Spiritually in such infancy, despite the efforts of
Christianity in their countries, to be full of superstitions
until our days.
The language determines the role of race in human history.
So folks with lower-level language, and if they manage to produce material
technological progress, (and this will be imported as far from investments

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