Monday, August 4, 2014

You have to choose between being a christian or a Mason

We consider it self-evident that anyone who wishes to be a conscientious Orthodox Christian cannot be simultaneously a Freemason.
What relationship can there be between the Light of Orthodoxy
and the occult and pagan mist of Freemasonry? Undoubtedly none.
The initiation and incorporation of someone into Freemasonry
is a return from the realm of life, from the realm of the “New Creation” in Christ, which is the Church, to the realm of shadow and
darkness, is paganism and occultism.- So look at the facts and compare them with a few simple words of Scripture, and explanatory of the Church Fathers.
Politicians now the Western world, taken from religious point of view, seem incredibly enslaved to the dictates of Satanists.Perhaps because obeying the goat-footed M.A.T.S. who runs through the Masonic lodges, they put the Law of God and the Church, particularly in Orthodox Greece, because it is the only one that resists satanist plans. Promote international laws zealously opposed to the commandments of God, and the religious consciousness of the people, because it requires the "progress" towards disaster. The phenomenon is global, because now Freemasonry has spread and erode the entire planet, and because communication is rapid transmission of instructions to each local ruler in every corner of the planet, that all combined together to be able to offer the Antichrist, the longed for this global power.

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