Sunday, June 29, 2014

We have not yet reached the time of the final Antichrist, and the seal begins!

 People who take it, the words and the works consciously support the
system of Satan, it is voluntary sealing material field
alone, and prepares the seal in the spiritual field. this
complete with demons, severing the soul of every good desire and
virtue. is that in the last days people will live
lured by the Satanic forces, and those who bow down or get together, they will be considered sealed by Satan.
But it seems in this section generalizes to satanism, the various
forms, and to young people eg mimic rock singers with bad
clothes and satanic symbols like the 666 on them
But also the largest
the age at which they participate eg in magic or satanic or masonic rituals
dressed weird, and here it is revealed that all of these at one time or sealed
by Satan. This allows God because they want so much people, but what
awaits them after, can not imagine.
The five-pointed star was chosen by Satan as a symbol (already
used in satanic rituals with one point down), just
recalling the fall of Satan from heaven. Once he was sensible
star that fell from the sky, in the words of the Lord Jesus Christ: "I ​​regard the
Satan as lightning from heaven fallen. "And the prophet Isaiah: "How
exepesen from heaven, Lucifer, the morning rising
The seal this, as the Antichrist later declare the full
connecting people with perverse inventor and leader of the evil Satan (the
who shall dwell all the way to the final Antichrist), and weakness now
so (by hand) or say (by mouth) anything good.

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