Sunday, March 2, 2014

The commemoration of the heretics

 "You ask me, how to memorialize your parents who died heretics. In your individual prayer commemorates assigning them the endless mercy of God. In the church but not commemorates. The Church prays for the salvation of the children and the return of deluded. He is the living link of all believers (living and dead), forming one body with Christ the head. Unbelievers (live and dead) did not participate in this body. Those dying heretics like me who commit suicide. The Church does not pray for them, because they die with mortal sin. It is bitter for you these truths. But you can hope to unlimited mercy of God and the individual you claim your prayers. " Saint Theophan the Recluse "Compilation of Letters' translation from Russian PUBLICATION ELEVENTH MONASTERY pleadingly OROPOS ATTICA 2004 Pages 46-47 And a witness from the book: ELDER EVMENIOS SARIDAKIS (+1999), by A. H. Saridaki (p. 222), where we read: ... The Foundation had once visited the renowned Boyfriend - Protector of leprosy, the Frenchman Raoul Follero, so Elder of love and simplicity considered good to mention the pulling of "units" in the paten, without think that as a Catholic heretic and not to mention church. And he understood the simple Elder, surprised and frightened when she saw the covered area of ​​the "share" that with chopped black hair, confided as saying: "Not authorized ..."! (E version, Athens 2006).

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