Sunday, March 18, 2018

My correct opinion is here

100, 200 years?

Born Agains christians should learn to read Kings in the Bible, and read it properly as to why a Church must have Icons, and if they don't understand....stop watching and debasing our beliefs. We are the first Christians EVER who have Built, Prayed and Worshipped without change directly from Paul, and ALL the Apostles. Born Agains have a history of what? 100, 200 years? If there is any other Creed older then ours, please tell? Orthodoxy is the true Christian to be.

Christ is Orthodox

Christ came to earth to "build" a church. And the orthodox church began. The Orthodox is the answer to all religions. Stop looking for false gods and try orthodoxy. As we can see this from the holy light,who is provided=only to the orthodox.Jesus Christ is Orthodox

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