Sunday, March 18, 2018

Devil IS annoyed

Orthodoxy is beginning to attack ... because it is in the scriptures ... in fact it grows, but others have to attack because of the fact that they are falling ... God can bless all my orthodox brothers and sisters ... read the Orthodox Bible Study Guide .. ALL ANSWERS IS IN ORTHODOXY! Dean DEVIL is irritated = WHY, more and more people are turning into orthodoxy today, the devil knows better, because he started attacking in different ways. Check out the Youtube channel and you will realize the hatred coming from the devil using all the shepherd's contractions. .. attacking orthodoxy Do not make the error The devil has built a huge prophet on earth to speak in the name of Christ, to confuse and pull out of the Orthodox Church. and remove us from the weapons offered by ORTHODOXY The Holy Spirit will not work outside the Orthodox Church. You can say whatever you want, but on the day you die and you will be in front of Lord's throne, than you will learn about the Truth and too late. READ ORTHODOX BOOKS, SEARCH THE TRUTH AND WILL SEE YOU

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