Thursday, November 13, 2014

Satan is a real entity

Let us not forget that demons tease everyday people with poikilonyma providing various passions causing them to meet. Everyone has personal and particular passions which have weakness and is addicted. These are the altar of the idol has fashioned for himself. The passions of the virtual image of the artificial and unreal that has made each of us and wants hypocrisy and selfishness to present to third parties seducing tous.o Satan is a real entity, not a myth, a person is not simply the personification THE kakou.polloi possessed struggled to put some other mind. Why, when they see how tormented, troubled, come to sense and repent. Do not think that that those who have possessed more sins. But allows God to become possessed, so humiliated, humiliated, pay off sins, they get a salary, but those who are helped to see them suffer. Of course you will say that there are people making a pile of sins and not possessed; how is that? when man has reached perfect union, it is not affected by the demon because God sees that it will not help. We should know that the attack by demonic power is, somehow, a gift of God to sinful man to humble himself, to repent and be saved.

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