Tuesday, May 6, 2014


They are here, they have taken over  the whole world, and they control
all the media and entertainment and telecommunications so that
you can not find other Human Gentiles and organize against
them if you could! ATT, Verizon, T Mobile, CommyCast, Dish
TV, Direct TV, all TV Networks, all Movie Studios, all Movie
Theaters, Google, Yahoo and the whole Internet is owned lock,
stock, and barrel by jews! All Telecom is owned and controlled by jews so that
you will never figure out the truth. And since the banks are
owned by the jews and since the jew banking laws allow the
jews to make money by lending money or money is debt they
also own the higher educational system and all the banks that
lend money for higher education and since debt is money in the
banking world 1 Trillion dollars in student loan debt is
actually 100 Trillion in new jew money for the jew banks! And yet you stupid man ,you try to find out who is the richest man each Year. SOME YEARS FROM NOW,They will own your soul,with there Coming Fucking Antichrist,and you will have no fucking clue whats going on

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