Monday, May 27, 2013

Reincarnation& Devil

How do these events occur in children? With false memories:

1: A small child sleeps.

2: Fake previous life memories are placed in the mind of the child.

3: The child wakes up and thinks that it is in fact someone else. The child thinks so: "I was somebody else in my previous life. One day I died, and now I was born again. I had an another family. I had a wife and three kids. We lived in Bangkok. They still live there." 

4: This child tells them to adults. This child does not lie, even shows the location of the old family home etc. These are checked and confirmed.

5: Some seniors believe it. Then they publish books that support the doctrine of reincarnation. 

6: People believe in reincarnation by his tricks, OF DEVILS.


2 Corinthians 2: 11  
so that we may not be overreached* by Satan, for we are not ignorant of his designs.*

This method is similar to show special dreams. Demons use young children for it. Because it is more convenient to convince people. Adults are not very suitable, because they begin to question it. Already they lived for many years and never had such memories and suddenly appear such memories. This situation is not very convincing. Moreover, other people can not believe what these people say. They may think that they are liars. On the other hand, young children are naive and can not say a lie and the adults know that. In addition, young children have no doubts about these memories and can easily believe it. Furthermore, the events and people in the place in which they describe are not imagine.

In fact, false memories are formed even in the minds of adults. For example, some people have a mental problem and go to a therapist. If not all, some therapists use hypnosis as a therapeutic tool. They want to look at the subconscious thinking that psychological problems caused by an event in the past. Thus, hypnosis is applied to the patient. Hypnosis and meditation are the same thing. The difference is this: Meditation is done alone, and hypnosis is done with the help of someone else. These are not the last stop. These are transition phase when entering a trance. Trance is the last stop and there is a cinema next to the last stop. There are played three-dimensional movies. So the name of the cinema is DREAM THEATRE. Because there the three-dimensional movies appear so real.

Meanwhile, what happened to the patient? The patient went past? The patient has now gone to this cinema. The patient is currently floating in the film. The patient is seeing her own life in the film. She went into her childhood. She is now living some of the worst events. That's enough, she is now beginning to turn to the present. The process has been completed. The fake bad memories have been stored in the mind. Trans is now over. The patient was sleep-wake state. She is now fully awake.

Patient and Therapis True, because they were not in your subconscious before. We've recorded them during the trance. We've added them to torment you.
Christ conquered death, not with liberation from the body, but with the resurrection and immortality of somatos.To doctrine of karma and reincarnation cancels the mystery of Christ sotirias.Enopion the eternal Judge will stand the man not only as soul, but also as a body, the doctrine of reincarnation, that negatively assesses the body, not just cancel the hope in Christ the Christian, but also the sense of divine worship, the basic purpose of the Eucharist-what's the point to suffer in this life,if you have no recall of your previous life mistakes,what's the benefit of you in this life,and you have to come again,having the same,thing for a moment,HELLO IT'S DEVILS WORKS

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