Monday, May 27, 2013


Prayer can help us even when we do not think consciously in God. The more we are disappointed by the things of the world more easily feel the need to beg for God's help.
Depression weakens us and consequently we lose our cunning, selfish dignity that makes us consider ourselves so strong that not need the help of God, but we can rely on our own strengths.
Depression helps us to understand that we have no powers and that deep down we are weak and helpless. These feelings of powerlessness, hopelessness, insecurity and fear cultivate our soul in such a way that they are more receptive to God's help.
Sadness attracts grace. Because God loves humility and expresses his love for sore and weak.
pray in every way as we can and this gives us a prop a prop so much that we need. We can still talk freely to God like you are our father or a very dear person who can help us."God, I do not know you but please help me to overcome these negative feelings because I suffer much.; Please help me." We say a prayer and let God work through us His help as He knows. pray without considering the effect, without expecting something. Slowly you place in us to change.

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