Thursday, December 7, 2017

There are no super-Christians

There are no super-Christians who speak in tongues, but this is the distinguished doctrine of the Five-Dimensional. And after a while I received the feeling that the Holy Spirit appears in these churches - not in the Holy Spirit of Scripture - as the Great Encyclopedia of Sin. I did not feel anything in these churches to be honest. Pentecostals seem to have a completely different sense in the Holy Spirit. The problem I see in the Pentecost is persistent faith and that is why we are today - all these nasty nonsense that are so far from biblical parameters because they are based on ideas, emotions, ecstatic speeches and the experiences of all, to be examined against the Word of God and most of them fail in the test. If we do not "try everything," how do we know if it really is from God? This dogmatic sign of speech in tongues opens the Pandora's box where there is nothing. None of them believes in the Bible ... or as it was named by Martin Luther, Sola Scriptura, one of the very foundations of Protestant-=Test every spirit=Satan never praise the holy trinity

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