Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Pentecostal Churches =mistakenly believe

Blaspheme the Virgin that he had relations, and that even so did 6 child
Also, in Proverbs 4/3, he says of Jesus prophetically: for my Father's son was standing, and only in my mother's womb. So here, the mother of the Lord seems to have no other children! And it is not Solomon's words about himself, since here Christ speaks, the wisdom of God's Wisdom (eg 8 / 12-12). Solomon was also not the only mother of his mother, because his mother, Bethsebee, had four children!
 If you say you believe in a God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit,do you consider the Mother of Christ the Theotokos? Do the Honors as angels value it?
 THE BLADDERS - VIEW - dogmatic statements by the Pentecostals, such as:

 That the Pentecostal Churches are 1000 pieces what does the Truth do
 That appeared long after Luther from 1900 onwards which were the first years of persecution?Months Pentecostal falsehoods appeared in America and Britain between 1904 and 1910, which shows not only the chasmal time difference separating the supernatural And the extraordinary event of the Pentecost since the foundation of heresy in the early 20th century, but it also shows in a highly eloquent manner the magnitude of the lie and the fallacy in which they are still found.
          B) refuse (some of their movements) faith in St. Triad,
          C) not accept the Holy Church Tradition,
          D) mistakenly believe that only those who, due to their "spiritual gifts" Writing,
          E) to actually reject all Holy Mysteries,
        F) believe, like the Jehovahs, in the false-so-called "millennial kingdom of Christ"
          G) teach "the rapture of the church"
          H) not to honor the cross of Christ,
          I) not accept the honor of the saints and the Virgin, which they also reject,
          J) to humiliate the face of Christ by teaching that he had other fleshly siblings,
        K) to condemn Sacred Images and to mark their honor as idolatry and
        L) to dismiss the memoirs in defiance of the deceased.
These in short, Catania also frustrating when you're talking about WORSHIP IMAGES, holy, honest while the Cross has clarified that the Church has a single value.

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