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Let us try to penetrate even further the question of Scripture and Tradition, after examining in the light of reason we study it under the torch of church history, because the games of illusion against truth to brighten up the depths of the Eschaton.
Excluding some Jewish sects that sought to forto¬soun the gospel ceremonial laws that are the most ancient Gnostic heresy. The eternity of matter, the creation and governance of the world by an inferior spirit, as the author called it those heresies? their docetism daydreams and all the sects is well known as not to require the reports here. Today all Christian sects aporri¬ptoun these teratologimata as contrary to Christianity.
E! So, these cognitive epeisthikan from Grafin for their lies? No. They chose to reject the Old Testament and aneki¬ryxan as the apocryphal gospels normally. A large number of scholars, among those who have studied Gnosticism, not to say all, dierotithisan doubt: How could these fallacies accepted? How were these heretics these demonology and so many paradoxes in the word of Christ and the apostles? And who would dare to refute within an hour of one thousand students teachings of Marcion? Who would not want through the Bible to lead them back to the Church? So we go through the temptation to blame their first opponents for lack of skill, because it could be effective.
But let us not forget that when the error born into the minds of people, whatever seeds fatal bearing in her, nor logic, nor the eloquence can not destroy it. Its roots are too deep that it can not look human to see them and hand to uproot them. Observe the different phases: first born, then grows, then dies. While in the period of increase of all even obstacles, come to the aid of. All of providing testimony, a proof. Listen: the earth deposits in favor of this and the sky is the guarantor. Meanwhile other ideas germinate in the minds of men a new world of chases but without any contact with the past.
Neither understands that asks surprised. How this was possible and did. When the same divine grace distracts someone from error to a general surprise then that person says that the intellect was previously would Meni under the most dense darkness and his eyes fell scales.
Then we found it impossible to bring the cognitive to the Church through the Bible, does the Church said it remains doubtful whether God ran up the world, if Jesus Christ was truly man. until declared by these doctrines based on the Bible?
Of course not. But relying on Tradition, the living word, proclaimed that he could discuss the doubts about the teachings contained in the Holy Books, faith, stable world apefaineto so quite decisive. And that those who wanted to cling to Jesus Christ, to the elect as shepherd of their souls, they could not shake off the yoke of this authority.
Undoubtedly the teachers of the Church refute the fallacies of the Gnostics by Scripture, no doubt cite divine didag¬mata through their writings which were written monuments of our faith. But in this case not only were these syllo¬gismoi thus quoted by considerations: two portions come into anti¬parataxi and writing was in the hands of both arrays. The faithful could be persuaded by the written word. we know that the Gnostics had fallen into great errors, but because they were heretics in turn convinced of the truth of their teaching, Christianity would have been lost as a positive institution, if the Bible was the only authority, if there was another canon of faith, global tradition.
Without this rule, but this criterion will never be possible to determine with certainty what the Christian faith. Just and could the person to tell them heretics: behold my own feeling and belief, behold the meaning they attach to Grafin. In a word without Tradition, any teaching of the Church, but only doubt and personal opinion. Without it no society of believers but only individuals, Christians isolated.
Once on th why heresy reached its highest phase to that Monadistes appear to preach of a deadly war. Indeed this last condition is not as Montanism wants Neander, which is the Akranes unlike Gnosticism. Students of Marcion reject the human element, the monadistes the Divine. The first teaching that the Saviour was the divine word enveloped a phenomenal body, the latter argue how the Saviour because was illuminated above does not mean that he was merely a man. They say: Everything moves the Spirit of God, they answered: The Holy Spirit descended nor the apostles nor the Church. In the hand, the matter is materially poor, in the eyes of others, all is well, there is no primal fall and wear. Finally the Gnostic teaching, the Gospel is the beginning of life, good sperm heavenly virtue, the system of Monadiston the Gospel is a canon purely moral, an abstract idea, a dead letter.
E! So the Monadistes like the Gnostics as heretics of all times and places, rejected the Tradition to stiri¬chthoun exclusively on the Holy Books. What ought to make the Church in this situation?
Declare that each would be left in opinion waiting to give a Bible study a satisfactory solution? Yes, without amfi¬volia, you ought to do it, had she not been for the establishment of any other idea, nor its essence nor its inception. But he did just the opposite, and behold the Divine teachings which indicates our record of: The teaching of Christ is eternal confident of their own. The living word and the written, the engraved in the hearts by the Holy Spirit reasons and those written on paper by divinely inspired authors are one and the same. Doubts displayed on the second disappearing under the torch of the first.
The instruction edidasketo the beginning of Christianity, the steady entire faith of the Church, to the criterion, the infallible canon in the interpretation of Scripture and, in accordance with this rule, it is always certain that our Divine Saviour is God and that was filled us with a Divine energy.
One who bases his belief on the Bible, that the results have led him biblical investigations, he has no faith, has no small idea of ​​what faith. He would always be ready to modify the "faith" of? There has to accept how a deeper study of the Sacred Letters will probably arrive in altogether more results? And therefore. We ask, may be born in the soul of a deep conviction unshakable, solid as a rock? And yet the only provision that deserves the name of Faith. Faith, unity of belief, pagkosmiotis teaching is one and the same thing. The man who truly believes even if the belief is fallacious is endomy¬cha convinced that holds the doctrine of Christ, that participates in the faith of the apostles and the entire Church. By holding stathe¬ros that this Faith encompassing Pasang truth is eternal, unchangeable, necessary. This faith is the only sensible, the only worthy of man. All others are merely personal opinion and uncertainty.
The systems of cognitive and monadiston epeproto over the centuries swallowed scratch. New seasons saw the birth of new sects.
All but hoisted like flag the same basic principle, namely that the Bible was the only source of Christian truth, the only canon Faith. This doctrine common to all heretics, the same cognitive in the second century and Valdés twelfth anakirychthen by Martians and by Nestorian, this doctrine gave birth to the most divergent beliefs, the most contradictory teachings. Indeed, what the most opposite as the gnostiki¬smos and Pelagianism as Sabellianism and Arianism?
Well, the mere consideration that this principle is always one, incessantly itself had ratified all beliefs, all the seductions of pnef¬matos, all teratologies, this consideration alone would suffice to prove that this principle hides some deep heresy, it opens an unfathomable abyss between Scripture and the individual.
Let's pause to consider the doctrine of heretics. All of them recognize that the Catholic Church denounced the proi¬goumenes sects, was infallible interpretation of truth, aresko¬ntai to align the crises that the Church brought by the predecessors of heretics. But they want to recognize the principles justifying these decisions of the Church. Thus, the Arian accepts gladly its decisions by cognitive. But on what basis underlying these decisions, this is what he wants to grasp the heretical. He closes his eyes not to see that the Church, had established the bases which he attributed, could not rescue this doctrine that this heretic Arian confesses her. The Pelagians and Nestorians unanimously condemn Arianism, but before long their vision diataras¬setai and darkened their mind: to reach the Christian truth, abandon the way of the Church and take the road of heresies they abomination. they want no matter the form.
Luther and Calvin did not exactly do the same? As had been decided at the cognitive, Arians, Nestorians, pelagia¬non, etc .; Aspiring Reformers gave their full sygkata¬thesi. But when it came to build their gospel, they were removed from the Church on the traces of these anthro¬pon which evdelyttonto, which burned every time that fell in their hands.
Now we need to understand the deep meaning of Catholic doctrine: The teachers of our Faith, they say, you can not hold Christianity in unity despite the substantial form, that is, the Church. READER The Holy Books in the spirit of the living institution, gaze in it the Savior of the world, the true image of you awakened in the hearts and in your minds, because the society of believers is his instrument, the constant manifestation of .
But I hear the sarcasm of disrespect ... And what then? It is preferable to use a torch despite staying in skota¬dia? Oh! conceit of man, which repels assistance alone may strengthen the weakness. Strong spirits to see the stars, you do not need a telescope, and you see through the cover by the first any fool just spread your eyes.

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