Monday, May 25, 2015

The soul after death-ORTHODOX DEFINITION

The Toll Houses where Lord Jesus (God Logos)  is present with His Saints before the Second Coming,  are mandatory to protect  those entering without being properly prepared.
Lazarus the resurrected friend of Lord Jesus whose body started to show sighs of decay was a Cyprus Bishop here (the second Christian Church ever created by the Apostles) for 30 years after leaving Jerusalem, and he was known to never ever smile. He was the only person known in the history of man who was resurrected after being dead for four days who can actually tell us about ~the real after death conditions~ known as Hades. Death and near death experiences are entirely two different experiences because in ~near death-~a person only has an out of the body experience that  does not represent real death.
After his resurrection Lazarus was known to sometimes spit on the ground discreetly while making a bitter face. After many years of “questioning” by the clergy in his local Church he finally revealed the unbearable misery of Hades. Lazarus was a very  good person and a boyhood friend of Jesus however he died the first time  before the creation of His Church he went to horrible Hades. This is because there was no baptism yet no Christian life and a spiritual relationship with God.
The Heavenly Kingdom and Hell will come in to being after His Second Coming at which time man will acquire bodily senses, for man will become once more body and soul. He will be able to physically feel then the gifts of Paradise and the sadness of Hell. According to the Holy Fathers after Resurrection and after His Judgment (the rendering of His Justice) there will be an –Ascension by Lord Jesus and His Saints - into the Heavenly Kingdom (as described in Apocalypses) where Lord Jesus will be a High Priest and a King for all eternity, for all time to come. Hebrews 5:6 As he saith also in another place, Thou art a priest for ever after the order of Melchisedec.

In the Heavenly Kingdom will live the Godman Lord Jesus who is a God by nature (God Logos), and all of His Saints who were united with Him from becoming “gods by the grace of God” In the absence of the therapy of the Church delivered by the Apostles begotten by the Holy Spirit after life conditions will be the same as before the coming of Lord Jesus (Hades) where there was NO HOPE NO SALVATION.

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