Sunday, May 17, 2015

The "dialogue with non-Christian religions"

Our time is a mentally unbalanced era in which many Orthodox Christians are 'ranging and drift every wind of teaching, through the treachery of men, in their cunning for the purpose of methodical deception "(Eph. 4:14). It seems really time has come where people "will not endure sound teaching, but will accumulate teachers according to their own desires, because they will feel gargalismo their ears, and although the truth will diverting their hearing will Trap not to myths. "(II Timothy. 4: 3-4).
Reads one to wonder about the latest acts and pronouncements of ecumenical movement. In thinner level, Orthodox theologians representing the American Standing Conference of Orthodox Bishops and other official Orthodox Bodies perform "dialogues" with Roman Catholics and Protestants and issue "joint statements" with themes such as the Eucharist, spirituality, and the like - without even inform the heterodox that the Orthodox Church is the Church of Christ in which all are invited, that only its own Mysteries sponsor grace, that the Orthodox spirituality can be understood only by those who know empirically in the Orthodox Church, that all these "dialogues" is a conventional caricature of genuine Christian conversation - a conversation that aims to save souls. Indeed, many of the Orthodox participating in these "dialogues" know or suspect that there is no room for Orthodox witness, that the atmosphere itself of ecumenical "liberalism" cancels any truth can be said to them • but silent, because the "spirit of the times" today is often louder than the voice of the Orthodox consciousness

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