Sunday, May 10, 2015

How to listen to my soul?

- How to listen to my soul? How will I understand what I hear?
- Your soul speaks to the emotions. Listen to your feelings. Follow your feelings. Honor your feelings.
- Why do I feel that the fact that they honored my feelings are
exactly what put me into trouble?
- Why you called the development "trouble" and stillness "security". I tell you this: your feelings will never put a "trouble" because this is your truth.
If you want to live without n 'ever follow your feelings if you want to allow the mechanism of your mind to filter every feeling, Do it. Take your every decision based on analyzes that make your mind. But do not expect to find in these mental processes joy, nor the magic of your true being.
Remember that the real magic lies beyond the mind.
If you listen to your soul, then you will know what is "best" for you, because the best for you is what is true for you.
When active only with this criterion, then descending for faster path of evolution. When you create an experience-driven "your present truth" instead of repeating an experience based on an "old truth", then you create a "new self". Why do you take so long to create the reality you choose? Here's why: because you do not live your truth. Know the truth and the truth will redeem. But when endings to know your truth, do not then change their minds about this. This is where your mind interferes and tries to find the "best". He stopped him! "Throw your logic." He turned back to your feelings!
What you need is to come back to how you feel, not how to think. Your thoughts are just that: thoughts. Mental constructions. "Artificial" creations of your mind. Your feelings though - these are real.
Feelings are the language of the soul. And your soul is your truth.
Here, you are now more clearly all that?
- This means that you need to express every emotion, no matter how devastating it can be?
- Emotions are neither negative nor destructive. It merely truths. What matters how you express your truth.
When you express love, rarely manifested negative and harmful effects, when they occur, it is usually because someone else chose to experience the truth with your negative or harmful way. In such a case, there is probably nothing that you can do to avoid such an outcome.
Certainly, the shunning to express your truth, is not the most appropriate method. However, people do this all the time. So afraid to cause or face possible unpleasant situations so completely hide their truth.
Remember: it's not so important how well a message is received, but how well it is sent.
You can not get you the responsibility for how well someone else accepts the truth th. You just collateral how well you emit. And when I say "how well" does not mean "how clearly". I mean, how much love, compassion, tenderness, courage and integrity.
If you radiate the truth with such a manner, then there remains room for half-truths, for "hard truth" or even "pure truth".
... So yes, express what you call negative emotions, but not disastrously.
By getting them to avoid expressions (ie detonations) your negative emotions, not make them disappear. Member you. Negativity that stays inside you hurt the body and the soul lies ....
Excerpt from the book 2 "Talk with God"
Your mind is a perfect executive body, should not be but one who decides. Your emotions indeed be the driver of your soul and if you follow you will find the way of your truth.
Of course, nobody says that this road is strewn with rose petals and it is certain that it will put in adventures among others. But these adventures is what will make a full and happy man.
Does your mind not to put on adventures? The big difference is that when the mind puts you on an adventure, then this is "failure", and when your heart put you on adventures, this is "experience."

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