Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Saint Paisiou-Injustice is a great sin. Injustice picks God rage.

Big deal to have the man God's blessing! Wealth is! Whatever
a blessing, stands, not demolished. Whatever has no blessing, does not hold. injustice
is a great sin. All sins are extenuating circumstances, the injustice is not;
picks up the wrath of God. Awesome! Those who are unjust, they put fire on their heads. from
On the one hand you see doing an injustice and the other dying own
their people and not paying attention. How do people make progress with
injustices? They do what they do, and give rights to the devil, so
this after tests passed, find their illnesses etc. you and say: "Do
prayer to heal. "
Most bad happening is unfair. When eg gathered with
injustice property, people live a few years as noblemen and after
give, what they gathered, doctors. What says Psalm? "Kreisson poorly attached
right for riches sinners long. ""Easy Come, Easy Go".
Find gather, leaving all vanish. Rarely, in very few happens to
are sick, the bankruptcies etc. a test of God. They will have
net salary. In this case usually made after richer, as
Job. But many people who come aleiotoi, is this;
some injustice they have done.
The unjust, and generally any guilty when you do not ask forgiveness, suffering
the conscience and in addition to the indignation of the wronged. Why,
when wronged not forgive him and growl, then the unjust suffering
much tortured. Can not sleep. Like hitting the waves and
bring whirligig. It is mysterious thing how the information! Like, when a
someone loves and thinks in a good way, she learns, so
also in this case. Oh, the grumble of the other makes a mess! and
far be it in Australia, what in Johannesburg, can not be
quieted when indignant the other because of him.

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  1. vim aqui desejar uma boa noite com as bençãos do Senhor Jesus.