Monday, May 27, 2013

ANGELICA ZAMBRANO - needs to pray for discernment

Christ warns us about the end of times,about signs .no real God would ever speak like he does about the mother of God,she is the one who prays all the time for the Humanity not to be lost,this what bothers the Antichrist evil spirit nowadays,knowing that the final time for the Antichrist and his devils are close,he is doing everything possible to deceive man,by many manifestations,Aiming Virgin Mary and Saints of God.I have read all of this testimony a few weeks ago and yes its possible that Angelica saw something but I also believe that what Angelica saw was not Jesus ... Angelica needs to pray for discernment because Jesus would not wear Gold sandals as she said and he would not have writing across him on a golden girdle "KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS." ... His presence alone would be enough to know that he was King ... and also he would not go around hell pointing the finger to people saying "you know what you did" ... When the end comes its not God that will be pointing the finger, it will be the devil, so in all honesty I believe that Angelica was actually being fooled by the devil himself, trying to steer her in the wrong path because he has been known to appear as Jesus in the past dressed more like an earthly king with Gold and crowns etc then a saviour that lived on earth with humility & love, he did not suddenly change when he ascended into heaven ... He died for our sins, he would grieve the lost souls in hell, not go around telling them its too late you know what you did .

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