Monday, October 2, 2017

Occult Agenda

We're being controlled by secret societies
their evil actions speak louder than words
it's in their very nature to stay hidden
while they're destroying Gods beautiful world
freemasons are pulling the strings
believing Lucifer is their angel of light
the whole wide world will be theirs if they follow his lead
and we won't notice what's hidden in plain sight

and who's the figure head to all this secrecy
who's heading up tis occult agenda
Satan himself is behind this whole mess
but I believe in Jesus and I won't surrender

they're using war for their evil agenda
to remove any leader who just won't submit
to their debt-laden control and corruption
they'll crush any power who stand against their politics
and they've purchased nearly all forms of media
to spout propaganda to brainwash the masses
and they're manipulation things that our children learn
as they're trained to comply in their classes

I believe in Jesus the King of Kings
with his heel, He'll crush that serpents head
He's coming back to bring truth and justice
and that occult agenda can go to hell and stay dead

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