Friday, February 14, 2014


Evangelicals - ProtestantsWith what we say below , we do not intend to raise any manfollows a different doctrine or creed . Our ultimate goal is a netupdated opposite people much better , probably , than us Orthodox.These people , like ' we are creatures and images of God , whomrespect , despite any differences of views and positions , which may exist betweenour . Such as import, what will follow .The cause of the creation of the Second Schism of ancient , solid lineChristian Church (after the first separation with the Roman Catholics ) , was theprotest of the famous German theologian Martin Luther ( 1517 ) , againstthen, papal leadership.Pope Leo the 10th , for purely Collection , was released the so-calledindulgences , contrary to what Christ and the Apostles had delivered .The so-called indulgences wrote that the pope , as the successor of the Apostle Peter ,founder of the Church of Rome , had power to forgive and live and deadindeed, those who were in hell ... So Buying such a paper'd get forgiveness for those sins you did in 5 years, or payingmore , can not sin and depending years ...The box office is bulimia , clergy of that time had reached a point incountryside to move a litany goose feather , some claiming that itwas part of the wings of the Archangel Michael in the fall of the Angels in the battlewith Lucifer !But there were other errors .Luther had been a monk in the Augustinian monastery of Erfurt , but in spite of allvows and monastic celibacy and virginity pledges , towards God andpeople , married another nun (captive and this with the same vows ) , theCatherine von Bora by whom he had sons and 6 ! Mistakes unfortunately hadThen ...TO 450 PIECES ...The initial line change and reform of Martin Luther expand with newlater reactions , and other theologians of the reform , such as Zvinglios , andCalvin .Unfortunately , although the protests were initially justified , and yetall references that only Orthodoxy was unadulterated truth keeping the ancientline , however , instead of returning to Orthodoxy created their own admission ,which they called "Church" ...Internal disagreements but expanded so that today , in 2004 , tothere are over 450 so-called "Churches" , warring among themselves about " truthand faith ... ' , despite the fact that Christ founded only one Church , and in this veryleave the salvation of men .Today , the famous Protestant confessions in Greece are:Evangelicals - Presbyterians , Lutherans , Episcopalians , Baptists , Methodists ,Mormons , Adventists ( JWs ) , Antvenistes seventh day CH.O.E. - ChristianPeace Tour , "Church " of Jesus ' World Headquarters ' Church 'of God , " Apostolic Church of Pentecost " International "Church" of square -Nikos Gospel , Biblical Church of God , Rest of the " Church" of God , withBased in Michigan , United Pentecostal "Church " Aparaplaniti "Church"God , Cholstein "Church " of God , Pentecostals , and Free Apostolic"Church" of Pentecost

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  1. Οι αιρετικοί αρνούνται την Παράδοση, και φτιάχνουν ο καθένας μια «εκκλησία» στα μέτρα